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Salah Uddin Ayubi

Born in Iraq, in tha town of Tikrit in 1138CE, he woz bought in2 dis world @ a tym wen ther woz corruption, tha muslims wer killin 1 anuda ova stupid litl disagreements, tha muslims spent tym fightin each otha wid der wealth n strength, jus lyk 2day.
Salahuddin Yusuf Ibn Ayub woz kind harted, compassionate n hungry 4 knowledge. He woz raised by his father, Ameer Najmudin- tha Ruler of Tikrit, n his uncle Asadudin Commander of tha Syrian force. He learnt how 2 defend himself @ a very young age.
He fought wid gr8 bravery n strength. Afta da death of his uncle and the Ruler of Egypt Al-Aziz, Salahuddin became tha General n Ruler of Egypt. He built his own army of brave soldiers, ready 2 sacrifice themselves 4 ther Creator. Becaus of al tha power n success, tha crusaders became jealous, angry n so full of h8.
Salahuddin saw tha disunity in tha Ummah of tha Rasool, this woz mainly coz of tha crusaders takin ova. He fort tha onli way 2 protect tha muslims woz by reunitin them unda tha banner of Islam.
Soon he made tha muslims realise n undastand, eventuali al tha muslims came 2getha 2 defend Islam. It tuk Salahuddin 18yrs 2 unify tha Ummah as 1.
Tha 1st crusade began in 1095CE. Tha crusaders wer hungry 4 money, tha wealth in tha muslim lands. Dey traveld as far as dey cud, capturin tha cities of Nicaea n Antioch, killin nearli all tha muslims, slaughterin 70,000 ppl. Tha followin yr, tha crusaders traveld 2 Al-Quds-Jerusalem, a place of horrific massacre of tha muslim ummah. A Christian historian sed:'It woz resolvd dat no pity shud be shown 2 tha Mussalmans. Ppl wer dragd in2 public places, murderd. Women wid children @ ther breast, girls n boys, tha old, tha sick wer slaughterd, beheaded. Tha squares, tha streets n even tha uninhabited places wer strewn wid dead bodies of men, women n tha mangled limbs of tha children.'
Tha city woz filled wid rivers of blood reachin tha horses bridle, many muslims wer burnt alive, sum even threw themselves 4rm tops of buildings. Mor than 100,000 muslims died in tha hands of tha crusaders.
In 1144CE, Europe woz shokd 2 c da fall of Edessa 2 tha muslims, Edessa woz knwn as a tradin city. Wen dis hapend tha crusaders waged a 2nd war.
In 1177CE, Salahuddin attakd parts of Palestine n conquerd Gaza wid his army. Salahuddin always made Dua n made sur dat tha muslims prayd Tahujjud tha nite b4. He knew dat Allah wud help them if they obeyd Him n had Taqwa/fear in Allah. Wen tha crusaders saw how victorious Salahuddin woz becoming, they cudnt take tha fact dat he woz capturin tha lands dat tuk them so long 2 take 4rm tha muslims.
Dis got tha crusaders well vexd out, so tha Emperors of Germany, France as wel as Richard tha Lion harted King of England, got 2getha n made a truce wid Salahuddin. Unfortunately tha Lion harted King, brok his promise n butchered many muslims in cold blood. Dis got tha Sultan well angry, so he showd them wot he woz al bout, he showd them dat u dnt mess wit tha wrong ppl finkin u will get away wit it.
In July 1187CE, Salahuddin's army met tha crusaders near tha hill of Hitten, afta a fierce battle, which lastd 4 6days, tha battle woz won by tha muslims hu had Taqwa, trust n Imaan in Allah at al tyms.
Salahuddin finally conquered Al-Quds n sed:'Wen Allah gave me tha land of Egypt, i woz sur dat He meant Palestine 4 me also.' Salahuddin woz a tender-hartd, wise n patient person, he treatd tha non-muslims justly, even tho they butcherd tha muslims 90yrs b4 in 1095CE. Salahuddin captured n liberated Al-Quds afta 90yrs, dis led to tha Masjid Al-Aqsa bein opend by tha muslims.
Salahuddin Ayubi died in Damascus on March 4th 1193CE at tha age of 55. 'The day of his death' says a muslim writer,'Woz 4 Islam n tha muslims, a misfortune such as they neva sufferd since they wer deprived of tha 1st 4 Khalifs.'
Salahuddin left his horse n 36 Dirhams, tha muslims did not find enuf wealth 2 pay 4 his funeral, becaus he had given al dat he had 2 thos hu wer in need.

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