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Guestbook angelika - Newest pictures

..ã.: Åℓℓåh :.ã..

..å.: ALLAH => means ?? Must ReaD :.å..





:: `ALLAH` is creator of
all of us. He made all the
things. The Sun that rises
from East & set in West &
The Earth that revolve
around the Sun & this
Whole ßeautiful Universe
is created ßy ALLAH.


:: The main ßelieve of
Muslim is that ALLAH is
One. ßut Non-muslims
that there are more than
one Gods, the point of
ponder is that if there are
more than one gods, they
fight with eachother. One
may say it should Rain
the other says it should
be a Sunny days.


:: So, ISLAM gives us the
right concept of G0D(ALLAH).
Some people says that
ALLAH has son, We should
think that If ALLAH has
son, then he should have
wife ßut as all the people
knows that ALLAH is not
human. He created humans
these son & wife, family
concept is only for humans
beings. In the holy ßook
`QURAN` of Muslims it has
clearly written that Allah
only ONE, He is neither
a father nor has son.


:: ALLAH as some n0n-
muslims calls nature.
ALLAH has created this
Universe only in 6 days.
He knows everything. As
he created us all, he should
know everything.


:: As the above qualities
of ALLAH, We might
consider him a very big
& furious personality. But
ALLAH says ` i have 70%
more Love than the
mother's Love if youuu
follow my commands. `
now many people thinks
that how ?? ALLAH says

[:=:] <=> [:=:]

==> ALLAH sends many
Prophets to trained the
people, Any prophets says
& tells us, As ALLAH says.
So, ALLAH says through
his Prophets. Actually all
the knowledge of Islam
is in Arabic Language &
translated in many

=> Thats All now, i hope
All of you, understood
very Well now..thats it.
This is almighty ALLAH..!!
(c) ßy power !
very nice work. realy a faith strenthening effort so very gud
29.05.2012 08:41 EDT,
06.04.2012 08:34 EDT,
I want to become muslim, I want to change my old and weak god with another. Will be Allah as weak as Jesus, for me? I will start studying the 'Quran', and I`ll take a decision after. . .
28.12.2011 19:33 EST,
Ha ha ha, i knw alredy u r clever n sharp! Wht a style 2 teach abt 'Allah'. its perfect. bravo !
13.11.2011 04:37 EST,
Verÿ gud my sis..Allah be with u always,Bles nd protect u.
Thats great job dear, plz keep it up
26.08.2011 13:48 EDT,
thank's 4 ur attention
29.06.2011 01:54 EDT,
ALHAMDULILLAH .. I hope you can speak litel ur . If yes then Reply . Thanx
10.03.2011 02:00 EST,
Dear sister angelika, ur blog about god , is very nice. Please write about god Ram - hindu, and Vahe Guru- sikh. Heartly wishz to u and ur all femili. God bles u ameen :D.
21.01.2011 21:24 EST,
Do u actualy think allah exists???? Puh-lease. I dont even believ it!
18.12.2010 09:00 EST,

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