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☹Animals from India☹

India is the home of hundreds of species of animmals, reptiles, and thousands of birds.

The Snow Leopard:
The Snow Leopard is white or smokey-gray with yellow and black patterns on the fur. It weighs 35-55 kilograms and is usually 60 centimeters tall at the shoulder. The Snow Leopard's large paws and long hind limbs give them agility in the snow and mountains, and a well-developed chest help adapt to mountain air.
They live in cliffs and mountainous areas, usually in rocky terrain. Besides India, leopards are found in Nepal, Pakistan, and Mongolia. They can kill prey up to 4 times their own weight, but are in danger from poaching for their pelts, loss of their natural prey base, and loss of land. Estimates suggest about 5,000 left in the wild.
Indian Flying Fox Habitat: This species roosts in large colonies of hundreds to thousands of individuals on large trees in rural and urban areas, close to agriculturalfields, ponds and by the side of roads It feeds on a wide variety of fruits and flowers, both wild andcultivated. A single young is born between April toearly June. It travels long distances, up to 150 km to and from its roost, a night in search of fleshy berries. National Parks: Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, Palamau Tiger Reserve and Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary in Jharkhand, KawalWildlife Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh, Molem National Park in Goa, Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Chilka (Nalaban) Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa and Indravati National Park in Chattisgarh. Status in the Wild: Least concern
Nilgiri Tahr
Habitat: Hills of southern India at elevations of about 1,800m (6,00 ft.)
National Parks: Eravikulam National Park, Kerala
Status in the Wild: Endangered
Habitat: Grasslands and dessert
National Parks: Kutch Dessert Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat, Gir National Forest, Gujarat
Status in the Wild: Least concern
Pangolin or Scaly Anteater
Habit at: Variety of habitats - forests, hills, cultivated land, rocky crevices. Found in much of Eastern and Northern India and in Tamil Nadu and Kerala also.
National Parks: Found in many National Parks
Wild Ass
Habitat: Flat grassland covered expanse known as bets (islands where coarse grasses springs up during the monsoon).
National Park s: Little Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat
Status in the Wild: Endangered
Royal Bengal Tiger
Habitat: Habitats include dense thickets, long grass, or tamarisk shrubs along river banks.
National Parks: Kanha National Park, MP; Bandavgarh National Park, MP
Status in the Wild: Endangered
Habitat: They live on a variety of land types from hillsides to level ground with scattered grass steppes, trees, and cultivated areas, but not in thick forests.
National Parks: Sultanpur National Park, Haryana
Status in the Wild: Secure
Indian Elephant or the Asian Elephant
Habitat: Tropical forest habitats from moist, evergreen lowland forest to dry semi-deciduous teak forests to cooler mountain forests up to 10,000 feet. They also frequent adjacent grasslands and farm areas.
National Parks: Bennarghatta National Park, Karnataka, Kaziranga National Park, Assam, Periyar National Park, Kerala
Status in the Wild: Endangered

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