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Views (9) jan03-aug03

is there such a thing, maybe we are the aliens just colonising this planet, using up its resources, before moving on to the next planet. Maybe mars is next, or was our last planet, how else could human life have started, sod the ape theory, anyways, i´m just gonna take my spacecraft for a fly.
why is it ppl always assume that dogs always go for cats, whoever said this are just daft, the amount of times my cats have had a fight wit the dogs and won is unbelievable, think the cats will soon dominate the world, then again, maybe not.
just stupid thing to do, its dangerous for yourself and others around you. Just dont do it.
why the hell is it that most dance tunes are old hardcore tunes originally. All the twats saying that hardcore is shit an they now dance to softer versions of them. Just take shooting star, first released as hardcore by bang, then there´s pretty green eyes and heart of gold, both first released by force and styles as hardcore, its just taking the piss now, but it proves that hardcore will never die.
Could you imagine life without food on the move? Just go to a drive thru when you feel peckish, get the grub, then drive off.
Handy for those long distance trips.
The one thing that gets on my tits about these places, is they all have different menus for different times of the day.
After working a night shift and i want burger & chips for supper, i can´t have it! Why? Because the stupid pratt´s wont serve anything other than breakfast food. I dont want breakfast before hitting the sack, stuff your egg ´n bacon! Give me what i want!
Its the same everywhere. ´super burger please´ followed by the reply ´sorry sir, we stopped serving that menu at 6am´ so you say ´its just turned 6´ then the sarcasm comes back ´no sir, its 6 o 1´ at which point you just want to leap over to the little prick and kill him.
Why do so many people believe in him? There´s obviously no such thing, otherwise we wouldn´t have tragedies or shit weather.
People that believe in him r just wasting their time.
Lets face it, you work for 55years to fund the government, have fun for the first 16 years, then wait upto 25 years to die on a crap pension. Whats the point?
Kicking some other countries arse is great, if you beat ´em, but the main cause of war has to be religion. Why cant everyone just get along? Ok, war is one way of keeping the worlds population down, but cant we just drown major criminals instead? Surely this will keep the population low enough, and save tons of tax payers money.
Saddam Hussain
Complete Scumbag, a tosspot from his poor mothers womb. Saddam has to be the main person to cause every war from the 90´s to present day. The quicker we shove a missile up his arse, and send him into orbit, the better for world peace.

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