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Where are Incubus from??
Incubus is from Southern California in Calabasas, which is near Los Angeles.

How many albums does Incubus Have?

They have 3 official releases.

Enjoy Incubus
Make Yourself

And 1 independent release:

Fungus Amongus

Who is this DJ Lyfe guy I keep reading about?

Well, DJ Lyfe (A.K.A Gavin Koppel) is Incubus´s original DJ. He was in Incubus for 2 years, then incubus kicked him out, due to certain issues, and replaced him with DJ Kilmore.

What kind of guitar does Mike use??

Well, for the making of Enjoy Incubus, he used an Ibanez RG570. Then he finally got some cash form the record company and bought a Paul Reed Smith guitar for the making of S.C.I.E.N.C.E . He now has custom colored PRS guitars made for him. He takes 3 with him on tour. 1 silver colored one, one black one he tunes down for the drop D songs, and a natural colored PRS with 2 F-holes in it for the acoustic style stuff.

What are the Incubus albums ´Beyond the Unknown´ and ´Serpent Temptation´???

Well, there is actually another Incubus out there. This is death metal, and in my opinion, not very good. There are allot of people out there trying to sell this as a rare ´Incubus´ cd, so be careful. Just make sure you check the discography pages before you buy anything. I have also heard rumors that there may be even a 3rd ´Incubus´ out there. But, OUR ´Incubus´ has the rights to the name, so no worries folks, there will not be a name change anytime soon.

Have the members appeared on other bands´ songs?

Brandon - Jimmies Chicken Shack - Slow Change

Mike - Hoobustank - Show me your Tits

DJ Kilmore - Primer 55 - 1st CD

Mike and Brandon - Unwritten Law - Secret Song 418

Jose - 2 Skinnie J´s - Secret Frequency

DJ Kilmore - Ultraspank - Progress Album

Who is the guy on the cover of Enjoy Incubus and SCIENCE?

Check the section called: Chuck

Is the girl in the ´Stellar´ Video really Brandon´s´ girlfriend?

Yes, her name is Jo.

In the secret song (Smoking the Herb Again) on When Incubus Attacks Vol. I, who is the guy Ted they refer to?

His name is Ted, and he is one of their Stage Managers/Tour Managers

Who does the Saxophone solo on Anti-Gravity Love Song?

This is Jeremy, he used to play saxophone in the band Hoobustank.

I heard that Mike tried out for some girls band years ago, any info on this?

When Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger was 17 in 1994 he tried out for Alanis Morissette´s band. Needless to say he didn´t get the part but he did comment about it, ´I actually auditioned for Alanis´ band when I was like 17, before she got really big. I was just like, Oh, this girl singing these songs . . . and then a few months later it was on the radio, and I was like, What? Damn, I should´ve tried harder!´

Is there a snail mail address I could write the band?

We are working on getting the address...patience is a virtue.

What´s up with the secret track on the ENJOY EP?

The secret track on the Incubus EP, Enjoy Incubus, was recorded on Mike´s brother Ben´s birthday. During track, you hear a ´slowed-down´ sample of Mike wishing his brother a Happy Birthday.

I heard something about Mike´s brother being on Make Yourself?

Ben also joined his brother Mike during the recording of the Incubus song, Nowhere Fast. During the intro, when the distortion begins, there are two guitars. One of them being the sounds of Ben´s PRS.

I know who Vent is, but I read that Mike recorded some of their songs, is this true?

Mike recorded the music for the VENT songs Back And Forth and Remedy at Ben´s house on an 8-track recorder.

What is up with the secret track on SCIENCE?

The track is a mix of crazy stuff. Gavin (DJ Lyfe) almost erased one of the songs while filming. Some of the noises are beats, bass, guitar, etc etc. There is even an loop of a old arcade game being played. The title for this ´secret track´ is: ´Jose loves Kate Moss. Part 1´

I heard something about Brandon getting in a car accident?

Brandon was involved in a major car crash during the recording of the band´s album ´Make Yourself´. Ironically, the band had just finished mixing the song, ´Drive.´

What does SCIENCE stand for?

No one besides the band really know. They give a million different things, kinda like the ´CHUCK´ thing. They have different stories every time.

Who did the artwork in the Drive video?

Brandon and Jose, they spent over 50 hours working on it! WOW!

I heard something about Brandon and Mike bring in the Strait Up Video?

Brandon and Mike both appear briefly in the Strait Up video for ´Angels Son´.

I may have heard someone on ESPN say Brandon´s name, any idea on this one?

On ´NHL 2 Night´ on ESPN there was a reference on Wed. 1.18.01... The announcer said, ´Rob Blake is to the (LA) Kings what Brandon Boyd is to Incubus.´

Were Incubus on some video dare devil show?

Incubus was featured on MTV´s Senseless Acts of Video, where a guy really performs computer enhanced stunts, only for real. On this episode, a man set himself on fire breaking the world record by 7 seconds, which means 2min 14 sec, to compare it to Brandon on fire in the Pardon Me video

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