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geopak crystal

..*..LOVE SMS..*..

If u give me ur kiss 4 Breakfast Ur hug 4 lunch and ur love 4 dinner I promise u'll never catch me eating elsewhere becoz I have no reason 2 do so

The best thing bout loving and being hurt is that u get 2 knw what true love really is. For as Gold is tested in fire and so will love be perfected in pain

To love is 2 have sum1 special, one who u can always depend to be there,through the yearz sharing laughter n tears, as a partner,a lover,a friend

I can never love u enuf,i can never give u enuf of wat u need i can never say wats needed wen needed i knw its nt gud enuf,im nt gud enuf bt damn,im loving u at my best

If i get scared wud u hold me tyt? If i make a mistake wud u make it ryt? If i built a fire wud u watch over the flames? If i say i love u wud u feel the same?

Love is a delicate bird,wen u hold it tyt it dies,wen u hold it light it flies so dnt love 1,dnt love 2 bt love the 1 who loves u

Life can be short or long so i choose my life wit u alone 4 in ur heart is where i belong i'l dream 4 2mrw 2 cum al0ng through thick and thin i'l stay i'l make u feel safe in anyway

A Great Love Its wen u shed tearz and stil u care 4 him its wen he ign0res u and stil u l0ng 4 him its wen he begins 2 love an0ther and yet u still smile and say "IM HAPPY 4 U"

A boy was about 2 leave but b4 he did he gave his gal a dozen of roses 11 were real and 1 was artificial he told the gal "Dnt cry i wil love u til the last 1 dies"

CLICK means
C=cnt live without u
L=love u
I=i miss u
C=care about u
K=kiss frm my heart 2u
So weneva u miss me just say CLICK

When im away from u, im still with u
When my eyez r closed, i cud stil c u
When im awake, I stil dream of u
When i feel i have everything I still need u
And no mata what i'l always love u

My heart is made 2 love u
My lipz r made 2 kiss u
My eyez r made 2 c u
My handz r made 2 hold u
Every part of me wants u
maybe becoz i was made just 4 u!!

A candle may melt and its fire may die but the love u hve given me wil always stay as a flame in my heart

Can I say I love u 2day? If nt,can i ask u again 2mrw? And the day afta 2mrw? And the day afta that? Coz I'l b loving u every single day of my life

I love u becoz I believe u
I love u becoz I respect u
I love u becoz I want u
I love u becoz u r in my eyez
I love u becoz u r in my heart
I love u becoz simply I love u
Love u frm my heart

Those we love, never go away They walk besydz us everyday unseen, unheard, still near, still loved, still missed & still very dear Just like u

I used 2 think that the world is so unfair that it gave me so many reasons 2 hate it But now how can I hate such a wonderful world that gave me u

If sum1 would ask me what a beautiful life means I would lean my head on ur shoulder and hold u close 2 me and answ with a smile "LIKE THIS"

Text me wen u r sad Text me wen u need sum1 2 listen 2 And u cnt find any1 who will I dnt care if Im ur last option I just dnt want u 2 cry alone

I'll lend u my shoulder 4 u 2 cry on My earz 2 listen 2 My hand 4 u 2 hold My feet 2 walk with u but i cnt lend u my heart coz it already belongz 2u

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