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In our outhouse stayed Manjula,her hubby Jayram{also our driver} &9yr old daughter Nalini.Manju was a beauty.She had a perfect body.Since she wore four yard sarees they came just below her knees;her blouse fastened with a knot hid nothing of her ripe pommogranates &wearing her pallu thin only enhanced her profile.She tied her saree below her navel highlighting her slim waistline.She wore no petticoat but tucked her saree on a lace tied to her qaist Her buttockss were equally inviting They were so ripe & sexy,swaying as she walked.You should only watch her walking,saree swinging from side to side,boobs bobbing up & down & her plait dancing on her butts And to sum it all she was greatly disireable

My 2nd eldest brother Samsunder had an eye for her. She was his dream girl.He used to linger in the room ahe was working &gazed at her,he used to brush her as if by mistake,once he as if accidentally bumped into her,another time he placed his hand on her seat.Manjula replied to all his overtures with amischivious smile &seductive looks.Even once sam tried to take her nude photo by placing his webcam secretly,he ended up with a nude pic of our eldest s-i-l Geetha.he treasures it to this day I have seen it & he even made love to Geetha on its strength,that's why 2 birds in one shot ...of that I will keep you posted later but first,,,

It so happened that Geetha's brothers wedding was fixed &she & eldest brother went to her place taking Jay to drive.Next day my parents had to go due to an emergency at our village.

The day was saturday Nalini as usual brought in The Hindu & stood waiting for her choclate.Normally she used to wear a gown but today she wore only an underwear.Inheriting her mothers sexy looks my brother kept staring at her forming breasts till she brought him back asking for her tofee.Then Sam went out to wash his bike,Manju got Nalini to the tap in guise of a bath and stripped her to the skin,my brather couldn't turn his head.Feeling happy at Nalini giving such a show he gave her a tenner &told her to buy a sweet for herself.

Manju waited for her to go & then called out,my brother told she had gone out Manju asked if Sam would help her in gardening.Our backyard garden was secluded & gave lot of privacy,.As the duo were working sam kept on staring at her.Manju had worn her sheerest of sarees,as the sunlight danced on it the perfect curves of her body were evident.Further due to sweat the saree was moving up & down as it was getting stuck& unstuck exposing a little more than usual,also Manju had tied it deeper so it just barely was covering what was to be covered MIschivously as if reaching for garden tools Manju rubbed Sam with her boobs a couple of times,the second time even she slipped off ger pallu. Finally she asked how's my dress,sam said"the colour of Nally's uniform suits you better.Manju got up & went in as sam was despairing she came out wearing Nalini's school uniform.The skirt was so short that her tighs took lot of air &the shirt would not close at all.One who wore no petticoat wouldn't be wearing a bra,her cleavage was in full bloom.she was EROTIC.She came & stood above sam that on lifting his head there remained no secret of hers

Slowly streching his hand he pulled her down beside she sat her skirt moved up.Sam worked his way round the blouse&cupped the froots in his hands.Moving down he played about her pink tighs.Manju as if by chance tugged at his crocodile shorts& the cock jumped out.Freeing his shirt &her too of her rustic minis he prepared to enjoy the sexual treat.

Her nudity was dazzling the white sunlight turned golden,the locks of hair falling on her face & she brushing them of were like pictures from the kamasutra, she was a sex fairy of beauty & sex fairies don't have any shame.they teased each other.Sam had a fancy picking her up in his arms he carried her into the bedroom

He& she explored each other to the limits ,when they could wait no more they became one.Hugging each other in a tight embrace they joined their top lips while he parted her lower lips.entering her "Manju..shameless darling" he moaned.Manju replied in like fucking lingo.

Both Sam & Manju knew that my eldest brother as well as my parents were two return only after three more days.The next day after Nalini went off to school ,they made it not next day but sext day,For the three days whenever he had time Sam savoured the woman of his wildest fancy

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