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HeRe YoU cAn SaY wHo YoU tHiNk iS tHe HoTt3sT cHiCk..! Ya iTs A DiFFiCuLt 1 CoS eAcH oF tHeSe LaDiEs ArE eXtReMeLy HoT *WiNk* Go Ah3aD aNd LeT mE kNoW wHo YoU tHiNk iS tHe HoTt3sT eNjOy...
Tanya...Some of you hate her...But she's m0re than any1 ever w0uld want, she's amazing even with our differences getting in the way... I'm just supp0sed to talk ab0ut l0oks? O0pz well... Regret losing her..
04.09.2008 15:38 EDT,
Well theres to0 many, but their all beautifull...C0mes fr0m within...I w0nt menti0n names c0z netn0u my d*ck gets ch0pped of f0r f0rgetting sum1
07.04.2008 14:44 EDT,
Wel therez no d0ubht that the h0test chickz is charl n armand 8o
24.03.2008 03:31 EDT,
Hehe.. Hey hey yeah its me well i have to put a comment here its just a have to.. Well the first ppl is my 2 best frendys michy aka tiantjies wifey and then kimmy then all me frendys michellenetjie michelle nadz nykie christy andrea leandri tanya angie kayli claudi and all my frendies hehe mwah just remember every one is hot dont let ppl bring you down by saying your not.. Fuck them man
06.01.2008 02:19 EST,
kay i r3aLly neEd 2 sAy thz...th3rez alOta u gAls dAt thNk u nOt pwitty.i sAw all oF UR PiCz Nd all Of u r xtr3mEly hOt...r3m3mbA beaUty wOrkz ity wAy 4m dA insiDe.u aLl r speCial iN ur Own wAy..*laF u my suPamOdel s3xc fWendiEz xXxX
08.10.2007 12:48 EDT,
lisma... yum yum
01.09.2007 12:40 EDT,
h0ttest chick hmm:-? er n0 d0ubt charly 8o :P
25.07.2007 14:06 EDT,
h0ttest chick hmm:-? er n0 d0ubt charlez 8o :P
25.07.2007 14:06 EDT,
HoTTesT cHiCk iS MoSt DeFiNeTLy MiChY.!! :-}
22.07.2007 07:16 EDT,
Al me maiQz iz pweti (".) tasha nyki nadz claudi :( ag k gni amal 0pnumi jul amal iz ewe kwai
20.07.2007 05:28 EDT,
Im so sorry it slipt my blonde kop. Lelani hot and grace and leone and cloe. But most of all my gf. Btw visit and and and and and sweet im out
17.07.2007 02:33 EDT,
Dam charl u put a married man on the spot. Wel the hottest is my wife aka dani. Then hottest peeps is caelyn,chane,angie.ainetjie,zel,nykie,melly,snowy,mich,and michelene,claudi,athi, um um erm gna 4get bt wil b bak to add. Lisma um um zoe jolene and i wil be bak with mre
17.07.2007 02:24 EDT,
No one is hotter than angie,<okay im just sayin>
16.07.2007 15:49 EDT,

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