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What's loVE?

WhY Do PpL HaTE LoVE!? is TherE a Sp3CiFic ReaSon?! Y Do3s LoVe GoT To HuRt As MuCh As iT Do3s.?! Y Do3s LoVe MaKe YoU CrY.?!
Y0h charl i despise y0u but anyway, i dunno why... Jumpz back to t0pic...Love hurts when y0u l0se sum1 y0ure really gr8full f0r, s0me1 y0u liked so much and wanted to spend y0ur empty life with them...make l0ve to them and help them...Its unpredictable, i dunno what kak i wr0te n0w but l0ve hurts coz lots of people arent h0nest and hide things, afraid of rejecti0n...Theres l0tso reas0ns...But go to dr. Phil if y0u need help or woteva.
07.04.2008 14:40 EDT,
Bcoz wen ya in luv ya flyin invisible complete thn wen it ends al ya emotions +senses fears hit ya like a fukn sledge hammer bang ya bak 2 reality if ya lv sumfin let it go ìf it dunt cm bk want ment 2 b js gta keep strng x
29.02.2008 12:46 EST,
lOve hurtz..the hurt is there 2 remind u dat ur alive..all ur life u meet ppl nd they bcOme mOre thn friendz 2u..but atleast Once in ur lifetime u meet a persOn datz nOt the same as the Other.u liv 4 thm,u cry cOz Of thm nd ud even die 4 thm...u luv thm sO much that it hurtz..ur heart achez and burnz 4m da deep luv u hav 4 dat persOn.u wake up 4 thm..theyr the reasOn u wana live. .da ting dat hurtz da mOST IS JEALousy and nO TRUST.?THE PERSON IM DESCRIBING HERE WHom i hav the strOngest feelingz 4 is u..
29.02.2008 10:59 EST,
love is something that will always hurt u in a way. Its just your choice if that hurt over crowds the love you have or if the love you experience is worth hurting over
11.01.2008 15:15 EST,
l0ve iS lyK wAr. . .eAsy 2 sTart,diffIcult 2 eNd n imp0sSible 2 4gEt!! (",)
03.12.2007 01:28 EST,
bAby w3've beEN thRu aLot 2g3tha..br3ak~uPz nD mAke~uPz..!juZ knOw iM th3re,hOldin uR haNd evWy st3p oF da wAy.nuThn is gnA keEp us apArt.i luV u mOre thN life itsElf.i LIVE 4u..iD diE 4u.luViez u sOo soO muCh..mwAhlaTjiez wlOt iN jO lekA beki.. =} *xXx*
30.11.2007 12:28 EST,
Lov3 is lyka jOurn3y.. u meet aLL sort o pPl...nd it'l hUrt aLL DA tIm3...uNtil u meet da rit3 p3rsOn! Cz th3rez a perSon 4 errBodY!!
20.09.2007 06:44 EDT,
Lov3 is liKe a viRus,it sPr3adZ nD cOrrUptz Ur sYst3m.tO b3 lOv3d by dA p3rsOn u lOve is liK3 aN anTivirUs.tO be r3j3ctd by thAt p3rsOn,ur sYst3m wll crAsh.lUckily dA thNg cAlled Ur systEm r3stOrepOInt,wll iN tiMe r3plAc3 ur syst3m.
02.09.2007 14:47 EDT,
I tOtaLy aGreE wiF dAt..luV cAn fEeL sO gw8 nD uNbeLievE aBle..ND suMtiMez iTz juS pLaiNly HuRtz thE hEl oUta yA..lUV iS a gW8 ThiNg..buT iT CaN huRt sO muCh..yEaH
29.08.2007 10:44 EDT,
it hUrtz cOz th pErsOn yOu gAvE yOur hEarT tO, iz alsO th wUn whu cAn br3ak iT. . th pErsOn yOu lOvE th mOst, iz alsO th pErsOn whu cAn hUrt yOu mOst. . iTza fr3akNg v!ciOuz cycLe <3
22.08.2007 03:22 EDT,

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