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QUIZ-24. Who wrote the GITANJALI?
Ans. Rabindranath Tagore.
NEW QUIZ-23. Which Indian scientist's name related with "Higgs boson particle"? Ans.Satyendra Nath Bose.
QUIZ-22. Who was the "Man of the Series" in World Cup Cricket 1996? Ans.Sanath Jayasuriya.
QUIZ-21. How many bones are there in mature human body?
QUIZ-20. What is the full formof OPEC? (06)
Ans. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
QUIZ-19. According to RAMAYANA who is the father of Ravana?
Ans. Rishi Viswasraba.
QUIZ-18. What is the Biggest Bird in the World?
Ans. Ostrich.
QUIZ-17. What is the fullform of UAE?
Ans. United Arab Emirates.
QUIZ-16. Which year Amartya Sen got nobel prize? Ans.1998
QUIZ-15. Who was the tallest man of the world? Ans.Robert Wadlow.
QUIZ-14. How old are Barack Obama? (A)49+ (B)50+ (C)51+ (D)52+
QUIZ-13. What percentage ofthe Earth's surface is water?
A) 95% B) 80%
C) 70% D) 98% ? Ans. C) 70%
QUIZ-12. Which mountain is the highest in the world ?
Ans.Mount Everest.
QUIZ-11. Where 0 (ZERO) number was invented?
Ans. In India.
QUIZ-11. Where 0 (ZERO) number was invented?
Ans. In India.
QUIZ-10. When Is International Womens Day Celebrated? Ans.Every year 8th March.
QUIZ-9. What number comesafter this series: 1,2,6,3,4,14,5,6,--? Ans.22
QUIZ-8. What is the full formof IMEI commonly used in Cell phones? Ans.International Mobile Equipment Identity.
QUIZ-7. What is the world's longest river ? Ans.Nile River.
QUIZ-6. Where is the capital of Indonesia?
Ans. Jakarta.
QUIZ-5. Who Invented the Battery ? Ans.Alessandro Volta.
QUIZ-4. What isthe fullform of STD?
Ans. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
QUIZ-3. What isthe fullform of"RBI"? Ans. Reserve Bank of India.
QUIZ-2. He was born 24/03/1987, a Bangladesi cricketer, he played IPL(KKR).. Who is he?
QUIZ-1.Who made DLFIPL century from Qualifier-2 match (25/05/2012)? Ans.M.Vijay(CSK)

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