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Tips4 'secure pasword'

No. 01
Choose a password long enough :
At least 8 characters. Ideally,14 characters and more. The longer, the better, even in the web.
Never choose a word in common :
whatever the language, yourpassword should not be a word, a name, brand, etc … well, you should choose something that has no meaning. And even if calling his dog “Pepet” has no meaning, do not use it as a password.
No. 03
Combine letters, numbers, special characters, uppercase, lowercase, etc. …:
more password features of different alphabets, the attacks are less effective. And of course effective to forget it yourself ÷÷÷÷÷÷
No 4.

Do not use your date of birth:
too easy to hack. Even if youwere born in 1904 .
No. 05
Keep the password in a safe place :
either in a text file “password.txt” or on a post-it on your desktop. Do not laugh, everyone does ..
No. 06
Do not use the same password for all your accounts, because it’s difficult to remember multiple passwords,
one trick is to use the first letter of the password similarto the first letter of the service
Ex : your generic password is “i0!pert5“.
For facebook, your passwordwill Be “Fi0!pert5"
to Google your password will
to peperonity your passwordwill
"P¡O!pert5" etc. …
No. 07
Do not transmit your password :
advice may sound stupid, butthe techniques hackers to retrieve your passwords arefar more ...advanced than you think no.
ex : someone who wants to give you a helping hand. Even on your deathbed.
No. 08
Do not log on sensitive accounts (email, bank account, …) from a public computer
(internet cafes, libraries, …) :you do not know what is installed on machines, and software keyloggers exist …
No. 09
Change the password regularly :
This may seem tedious, but itis essential to ensure complete safety. Nothing forces you to change all the password, but this may be one or more characters.
No. 10
Check security of your password :
with specialized web sites like “Password Meter”.
don't sign in any other
website link who look like
peperonity login page,
for login use only otherwise your password willbe hacked...
Best Regards
Anita soni
Rakesh khudia

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