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Emoticons (NEW)

Also known as a smiley or smiles, an emoticon is a method of showing an emotion on the Internet. Emoticons are letters and/or symbols used on the keyboard to represent what you are feeling, for example, :-) when your head is turnedto the left represents a smiley. Below is a listing of commonly used emoticons.
:) Smile
(: Smile
:-) Smile
=) Smile
=-) Smile
:> Smile
8) Smile
!) Wink
XD Laughing smile
!-) Wink
;) Wink
8( Sad
;-) Wink
): Sad
:( Sad
=( Sad
:-( Sad
:P Face with tongue out.
:-| Indifferent
:-P Face with tongue out.
:-> Sarcastic
q: Face with tongue out.
>:-> Devilish
>:) Devilish
:-o Suprised
>=) Devilish
:-S Incoherent
:-$ Incoherent
:8) Pig
:P~ Face with tongue out.
:=8) Baboon
<:-L Dunce
7:>) Ronald Reagan
C=:-) Chef
0-) Cyclopes
P-( Pirate
%-) Dazed
:-X Big wet kiss
:-* Kiss
:-# Lips are sealed
:-& Tongue Tied
:-(*) Sick
:-)X Person with bow tie.
:---) Pinocchio
H-) Cross Eyed
]-) Smile with sunglasses
V^) Smile with sunglasses shown from one side.
BI Frog
=:-( Punk
:-! Foot in mouth
:#) Drunk Smile
$-) Yuppie Smile
|:-) Smile with flat top
8-) Big eyed Smile
:-E Vampire
:`( Crying smile
d:-) Smile with baseball cap
X:-) Brain dead Smile
:-C Real unhappy smile
8(:-) Mickey mouse
(-0-) Imperial Tie Fighter from "Star Wars"
m(__)m Bow
<3 Heart
(I love you).
</3 Broken Heart .

Best regards

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