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≈ Are you SECURE??

I've seen many people on WAP who just feel that they cannot be harmed through WAP or web. Read on...

How you can be a victim if you do not take care on WAP and web:
1. Your email address and phone number can be recepient of numerous spam messages.
2. Your email address or phone number can be used as sender's address for potential crimes.
3. Your session/account of a particular (or even more) site(s) can go into wrong hands, which can demage you monitarily too.
4. Your identity can be stolen. You can be defaced among your friends.
5. If you don't take care, you can personally face demage too (it depends on the attacker and the target.)
6. You can be a victim of a potential scam.
7. Your phone can be infected with malicious code, virus or trojans even.

How to get on safer side?
1. Do not ever provide your email addresses or phone numbers to the sites you do not trust. Did you know that some sites even sell your phone number? (the buyers will then send you spam messages)
2. There are many ways to disguise identities on internet. The culprits need the identities which should seem authentic. Do not ever give your email addresses or phone numbers to people whom you do not trust on chat sites or IMs.
3. Do not click on user posted links in forums, chat or IMs whom you dont trust. Though many sites use many security measures, there exist many techniques by which your security can be compromised on certain sites. Some of them are XSS attack, Session hijacking, Cookie stealing, variable stealing etc.
4. When using someone else's phone, do not make bookmarks of pages. also do not turn on the "remember me" button (found on many sites during login)
5. Do not put your email addresses and phone numbers in public areas where they can be accessed by mass. Automatic crawlers and bots and extract them easily and then it can be mishandled.
6. Do not signup for accounts for others from your email address or phone. You can be in trouble if the other misuses the account for any illegal purpose.
7. Do not click on links you don't trust or don't download anything from the site you don't trust. Your phone can be infected with virus, worms, trojans etc.
8. Use hard to guess passwords for your online accounts. Use random passwords with combination of uppercase and lowercase characters with numbers.
9. If possible, don't use one password on more than one site.
10. Most disastrous can be giving your address to someone whom you don't know well. Many cases of theft, kidnapping, frauds have come to light on reputed sites like myspace, yahoo, hi5, orkut, msn etc.
11. REMEMBER, do not go for something where you see drastic profits. It can be treacherous!

"All that glitters is not gold." its very very true on this virtual world.

Send this page to your friends by below option 'send to a friend' also and help them be more secure.

Best regards

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