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In the disease of Chicken Pox, red pimples appear on the body, after occurring fever. After 2 to 3 days, these pimples change into a blister and after 4-5 days, thin crust (scab) fall down from these pimples. The patient feels restless because of fever, hotness and burning sensation.This disease is cured within seven to ten day.
This disease is generally known as ‘Mata’ or ‘Sheetala’ in domestic language. Often this type of disease affects those children who have so heat from starting and they are 2 to 4 years old. Sometimes it is also found in women and elders. This disease occurs because of the infection of the bacteria. The bacteriaof this disease are found in saliva, stool, urine and nails of the patient. The bacteria of this disease are present in the air and enter in the body by inhaling. This disease is also known as small pox ( Masurika) in Ayurveda.
The temperature (fever) of the body increases in chicken pox. This temperature is increased into 104˚F. The patient feels restlessness, over thirst and pain in his body. The pulsation of heart (heart beating) increases with coughs. After 2-3 days, fever starts on increasing. Red pimples appear on the body. Pus like water occurs in these pimples and after 7 days, these pimples starts on maturating slightly. After that, crusts appear on these pimples. After some days, the crusts disappear but marks presents on the same part.
Food and Avoidance :-
*. Milk, pulse of green lentil, bread (chapatti) and green vegetables should be given to the small children. The fruit of mosambi or itsjuice should be given to take.
*. Do not fry the vegetable at the timeof cooking.
*. Fried or spicy food should not be given to the patient. Too cold or toohot food should not be given also.
*. If the patient has excessive fever, nothing should be given to his/her besides milk and tea.
*. A small branch of neem should be hanged at the door.
These are the medicines for the treatment of chicken fever (badi mata):
1. Neem:-
2. Cumin Seed:
3. Honey:
4. Black Pepper:
5. Jasmine:
6. Milk :
7. Dry grape :
8. Tamarind :
9. Fever nut:
10. Grape:
11. Orange:
12. Gram:
13. Turmeric:
14. Basil:-
15. Coconut:

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