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Multimedia gallery

20.chaand ki gaand 2

I am 24, good looking college going guy with a soft body, hairless
breasts, a 6" lund and a warm inviting asshole. kamal my neighbour is
the one who introduced me to new pleasures, he is 29, sexy and
tall, with a 4" shaven small lund. chaand is kamal's 18 year old
servant, he is slim but strong.

`Apne ghar me bata dijiye ki aap do raaton ke liye kahin ja rahe
hain' chaand comes to my house and conveys this message from kamal. I
wonder what will kamal do now, he is so full of surprises. I look
behind me to confirm that no one in my house can see or hear
anything `Tum andar aao chaand' I invite chaand in, he is wearing his
pyjamas and t-shirt. But I see someone in the lawn, so I ask chaand
to follow me. chaand is confused but follows me. We go to the back of
the house and I lead him to the toilet, `Kahan le ja rahe ho sahab'
chaand wonders, `Jaldi andar aaja chaand' I tell him and we go into
the toilet. `Sahab light to jalao' chaand ne kahaa, I quickly bolt the
toilet door and with chaand's back leaning against the door, I bend
and open the string of his pyjamas, `Arre sahab…' chaand holds his
pyjamas, I pull his underwear and with a quick move I take his small
lund in my mouth. `Sahab koi dekh lega' chaand worries, `Chup chap
choosne de chaand, shor mat macha', I make his lund wet and start
rotating my tongue all over his lund, his lund responds and within a
minute it rises to its full 8" glory. I am surprised at what I am
doing but I love sucking lunds now.

Its dark in the toilet as I did not switch on the lights so that no
one notices. I am on my knees holding chaand's loda and sucking it
furiously, slurp, slurp, slurp… chaand moans, `Chup karo chaand, koi
sun lega' so he stops and I carry on with my tongue and mouth work…
slurp, slurp, slurp. chaand's hands are on my hair, and my head is
moving fast to make chaand cum. My work pays off and my tongue shows
its magic, chaand shakes and his lund throbs in my mouth, and he
shoots off his cum. I take his lund out of my mouth and chaand's cum
bursts on to my face covering my lips and cheeks. I lick and taste
the salty outcome of all this work, and like it. chaand quickly pulls
up his pyjamas opens the toilet door and dashes away.

I am nowadays dreaming of lunds and gands. I smile at myself,
satisfied with my act, wash my face and leave the toilet quietly.

I tell at home that I have to go to a friend's place to study for a
few days, and leave for kamal's house. `Aao sahab, chaand ne bataya ki
aap ne usko choos choos ke behaal kar diya' kamal smiles naughtily, I
smile back. `Baitho' us ne kahaa, so I sit besides kamal. `Ab tum gandu
ho gaye ho' kamal shocks me by saying this, `Nahin kamalji' I
protest. `Isme sharmane ki kya baat hai, bade bade aadmi gand
marwate hain, bahut maza hai isme' kamal carries on, `Jisne gand
nahin marwai usne kya kiya?' kamal asks. `Aur tum meri tarha nahin
ho, main gand marwa sakta hun par maar nahin sakta kyunki mera lund
chota hai, tumhara to achha hai' I feel happy hearing this, `Tum to
kisi ki bhi maar sakte ho' kamal ne kahaa.
`Mardon ko khush karna har gandu ka farz hai, aur ab agle do din main tumhen ye sikhaunga'
kamal explains his plan about why he asked me to come with him for
few days. `Tumhen ab ek aurat ki tarah chudna hai, apni gand ko kisi
choot se kam mat samajhna, isme mardon ko zyaada maza aata hai' I
try to understand kamal's words and feel horny. `Tum jab ladki ki
taraha chudoge to tumhen achha lagega, jab tum chudo to apne ko ladki
samajhna, aur jab tum gand maaro tab ladka ban jaana' I like kamal's
argument `Chalo kaam shuru karte hain' kamal asks chaand to come as
kamal leads me to his bathroom, chaand follows with a small
bag. `Kapde utaaro sahab' kamal instructs, so I remove my shoes,
shirt, jeans, and undergarments chaand takes these to keep outside. I
am naked, `Yahan baith jao' kamal asks me to sit on the bathroom
floor, its clean so I sit. `chaand samaan lao' chaand opens the bag,
kamal takes out a hair removal cream, squeezes it out and applies on
my arms and legs as they are little hairy. He then spreads the cream
to my thighs. `Tumhare mammo par baal nahin hai, acha hai' kamal
compliments my soft hairless chest. After around five minutes, kamal
takes some water and cleans the cream off my arms, thighs and legs,
and lo, my arms, thighs and legs are shining smooth as silk. `Ab
tumhare lund ke aas paas karna hoga, tum let jao' kamal tells me. I
am getting a slight erection, I lie down on my back. kamal spreads my
legs and keeps a small stool under my bum exposing my ass cheeks and
asshole as well, I lie down with my head on the floor. kamal takes
the hair removal cream and spreads it on my pubic hair, he then
spreads it between my ass and around my anus. kamal takes chaand's
help in washing it all and I come out hairless, my pubic area is
like that of a child, `Tumhari gand chamak rahi hai, chikna choot ki
tarha lag rahi hai' kamal looks at my ass and comments `Kisi ka bhi
lund phunkar marega tumhe nanga dekhke'.

`Tum ghoda bano ab' kamal instructs me, I don't understand but I take
the doggy position. `chaand bottle la', I turn my head and see kamal
holding a small rubber pipe with a funnel at the other end. `Apni
gand upar karo aur sar niche rakho' kamal tells me. `Kya kar rahe ho
kamalji' I ask, `Tumhari surang ki servicing kar raha hun'. I can't
understand, then kamal inserts one end of the rubber tube in my
asshole, I look back and see him pouring the liquid from the bottle
through a funnel at the other end of the rubber tube. `The liquid
starts to go inside my anus as I am bent forward and I feel it in my
lower stomach, `kamalji kya hai ye' I ask. `Yeh gulab ka paani hai,
tumhari gand ko andar se saaf karega aur tumhari gand gulab ki tarha
mehkegi'. `kamalji nikal raha hai ab' I shout as I feel that the
water will come out of my gand. `Jaake toilet men nikalo' kamal
removes the pipe, I instantly go to the WC and squirt out the water.
kamal repeats this again and finally smells my asshole, `Ab kya
khushboo aa rahi hai meri jaan, aao kamre me chalo' kamal takes me
to his bedroom. Its already around 5 in the evening.

`chaand baki samaan lao' chaand gives a strange shaped carrot to kamal,
it has been washed and shaped like a small dildo, but it has a
tapering on one end. `kamal ye kya hai' I ask, `Is gajar ko tumhari
gand me rakhoonga, chalo let jao' I lie down but ask `Kyon kamalji' I
am confused. `Is se tumhari chikna gand ke andar chalte chalte masti
aayegi aur jab tumhari gand men lund ghusenge to tumhen aasani hogi,
isko gand ki gajar kehte hain, gandu log is se apni gand ko khula
rakhte hain'. kamal then covers the carrot with some rose water and
inserts it half way in my anus, I moan `Aah' I like it inside me. He
slides it all the way – its around 5" long and oval. When the thick
oval part goes in the carrot's circumference is very small at the
end with a stool like base. The carrot rests in my anus and the thin
part is between my anal sphincter with the larger part still
outside. I now see the reason for this shape, it fits perfectly! I
wait and see what kamal plans to do next, he takes out cosmetics from
a big bag. I am still naked. He takes out a red panty and asks me to
wear it, I am surprised but I am horny so I wear it. He takes two
small pads, puts them on my breasts and helps me wear a bra. `Ab tum
gaandu ban jaogi' I start getting an erection and my lund comes out
of the panty. kamal then makes me wear a salwar kameez. He then puts
foundation, lipstick, kajal, cream etc. on my face and finally puts
an artificial gaandu's wig on my head. I stand and look in the
mirror, I look like a good looking hijra. I feel sensuous and
strange, my lund still hard and the carrot inside my anus is giving
me pleasure whenever I move.
`Ab main tumhe apne doston ke paas le chalta hoon, yaad rakhna
tumhen gaandu ki tarha chudwana hoga' I feel happy with kamal's
suggestion, and my asshole feels warm at the thought of lunds, the
carrot helps. Its already dark outside, we take a taxi, chaand stays
behind. We reach a posh locality and enter a big house. Inside I
walk like a gaandu and try to keep my pads in place under my bra. I
am excited and my lund is dripping. My pink salwar kameez and
matching dupatta with this wig is as it is difficult to balance. I
can smell my make up, perfume and it excites me. My anal passage is
rubbing against the carrot.

Inside I am astonished to see our MLA Daya Yadav and the local
hospital's chief doctor Dr Singh. `Kaise ho kamal' Yadav asks, `Theek
hun, aap kaise hain, main aap ke liye zabardast maal laya hun
Yadavji'. `Ladka to chikna hai, tayyar acha kiya hai tumne kamal' Dr
Singh ne kahaa while looking at me. `Aji ladka kahan, aap ki naukraja
aur gaandu hai, choot se acchi hai iski, ek bar chakhoge to aur
mangoge Dr Sahib'. `Iski lulli khadi hoti hai kya kamal' Yadav
asks. `Arre meri gand kai baar maar chuka hai, chikna hai par
powerphul chhokra hai' kamal ne kahaa.. `How many lunds have you had' Dr asks me in
a horny tone, `Only a few sir' I reply. Dr comes towards me, touches
my cheek with the back of his hand and kisses me on the cheek, I
blush. `Do you shave?' Dr asks, `Yes sir' `It does not seem so, you
are beautiful.' I blush again at the Dr's compliment. Yadav and kamal
smile. `Bus do hafton se iski gand me khujli paida hui hai' kamal
gives my history. `chikne hamari godh men baitho, wahan kyon khade
ho' Yadav pats his thighs. I like everyone calling me chikna,
afterall I am chikna and I have to please lunds as a gaandu as kamal
taught me. I walk towards Yadav, my carrot giving me pleasure, and I
sit on Yadav's lap.
Yadav grabs my waist tightly and moves his mouth towards my lips and
puts his dark lips on them, I respond like a gaandu, kamal inserts his
tongue into my mouth, and like a girl I start sucking his tongue and
I get an erection. Yaday touches his other hand over my
crotch and feels my lund. `Iski lulli to khadi hoti hai' Yadav
ne kahaa, `Pichli baar jo tum hijra laye the kamal uski lulli kati hui
thi, chikne ki to mast hai'.

`So do you like it up your ass' Dr asks me, he is speaking only in
English with me and I like that. `Yes sir, I love it'. `Bahut
angrezi bolti ho chikna' Yaday ne kahaa and holds my head to plant
another forceful kiss shoving his ...

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