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25.jutt ka lund

Sunny Deol was feeling slightly annoyed. He had spent the day interviewing male co-stars to be in his latest film and none of them had been particularly impressive, yes they had all been handsome enough but no one that he could work with. There was just one more guy to go and then he could go home and relax.
Someone called Aftab Shivdasani, a new the interview progressed Sunny found himself more and more attracted to the good looking young man sitting opposite him. How he wondered could he get closer to this guy.
‘You know in this film we both spend quite a lot of time in either vests or no tops, so you got to have a good body. Take your shirt off’. The idea had come to him as they drank their drinks. Aftab just looked shyly at him. ‘Tell you what I’ll take mine off as well’. Standing up and walking to the middle of the room he started to un-button his shirt and looked at Aftab who still sat. Sunny knew that his manly chest impressed lots of people and the fact that it was hairy and muscley was quite sexy too. He stood there un-buttoned his shirt and threw it on the chair. Then looking at Aftab he stroked his chest and stomach enjoying the feel of his body hair against his palm. ‘Come on boy show me what you’ve got’ he said as the nervous younger man stood up and walked towards him.

As Aftab lifted his shirt up and over his head Sunny saw a well built but hairless torso there wasn’t even any hair in Aftab’s armpits. Reaching out he started to stroke Aftab’s chest. ‘mmm. Nice body good definition, but yaar, how old are you don’t you have any hair on your chest like a real man’.

‘No, someone suggested that I should shave as I will get more younger roles’ so I do. He stood in front of Sunny feeling less nervous now as Sunny was rubbing his hands all over Aftab’s body. This was really turning the younger man on but he tried not to think about it as he felt something stirring in his pants. He closed his eyes and swallowed nervously just as he felt Sunny stop stroking and pinch both his nipples at the same time. Rather than being surprised he let out a low moan.

Sunny smiled as he heard the young man in front of him moan. Now he had him. ‘Do you know what we do to ladake like you in Punjab? He murmured in Aftab’s ear. Aftab’s eyes shot open ‘what do you mean’?
‘This’ Sunny replied as he grabbed the other man’s package. He had felt the hardness brushing against his leg as he had teased Aftab’s nipples and now he was sure. Moving closer to him he pushed Aftab backwards until the boy fell onto the bed. ‘Sunnyji, what are you doing?’ Aftab breathed, but he wasn’t able to contain himself, he was getting incredibly turned on by the sexy man that was lying on top of him. He could feel Sunny’s body pressing against his, especially against his groin that was now trapped under Sunny’s stomach as he licked and then sucked Aftab’s nipples. ‘Don’t pretend boy, you may not like it but your dick certainly does and I think that you should listen to it’ Sunny mumbled as he moved slowly upwards and started to lick along Aftab’s throat moving closer and closer to those lovely full lips that he just had to kiss. After what seemed like an eternity to both of them Sunny reached Aftab’s lips and started to lick and nibble them as he did so he could hear Aftab moaning and feel the other guys horny body responding to his. Finally he permitted himself to open those luscious lips with his tongue and started to ‘French kiss’ the guy beneath him. For his part Aftab could feel the tongue that had entered his mouth and was pgaanding over his teeth mouth and gums. Slowly at first he started to rub his tongue over Sunny’s and then it felt as if their tongues were fighting each other, ‘wow’ a part of him thought if kissing a guy is this good then how good will anything else be. The ‘hard dick’ in his jeans was straining to be freed’.

As if reading his mind Sunny pulled himself away from Aftab’s lips and slowly started to move down towards the younger guy’s trousers. When he got there he slowly unbuckled the trousers and then started to undo the buttons on Aftab’s fly. As he did so he pressed down on the other’s package, he could feel the heat coming of that groin and heard a sharp intake of breath from the other guy. Finally he opened the last button and started to pull the trousers down Aftab’s firm thighs. They were smooth but strong and when he got to the end he threw the trousers over his shoulder and looked down at the nearly naked man lying in front of him. All Aftab had on was a pair of blue briefs that were tented and seemed to have a sticky patch. Moving closer Sunny ran his hands along Aftab’s legs and thighs stopping every now and then to mgaandage them. Finally he got to the young man’s thighs and started to nuzzle and lick them and then his face was right next to Aftab’s crotch and he could smell the pre-cum that had stuck to the briefs. Leaning in closer Sunny pushed his face into the crotch in from of him breathing in the man smell and then smiled. Looking up towards Aftab’s face he saw that the other guy had closed his eyes and had a look that was a mixture of pain and arousal. Looking down he put either hand on the briefs and started to pull them down. A thin dick with a flaring red head sprung free of them and lay flat against Aftab’s stomach. The head was covered in pre-cum. Sunny pulled of the briefs he threw them to the floor so that they fell by the trousers. Leaning forward he blew gently on the dick in front of him and listened to the lying man groan in pleasure. Then with a smile on his face he started to lick the balls of the man under him. There was a small ring of hair around the base of the penis and on the balls, slowly Sunny’s licks moved from the balls to the base of Aftab’s penis along the shaft and then to the head. He noticed that there was a lot of pre-cum on the head of Aftab’s penis and licking it he moved upwards until he was face to face with his sex partner and then inserted his pre-cum covered tongue between Aftab’s lips. Aftab then proceeded to lick his pre-cum of Sunny’s tongue and enjoyed his first taste of pre-cum. Moving his face away ‘Accha laga’ Sunny asked. ‘Haa bohut accha’ replied Aftab. ‘Good it’s your turn now’ Sunny smiled as he started to move away from Aftab. ‘But I don’t know what to do’ the younger guy replied. ‘Don’t worry I’ll tell you’ Sunny answered getting of the bed.

‘Come here!’ Sunny ordered standing a little away from the bed with his hands on his hips. ‘Now get on your knees’. As he looked down he couldn’t help but be aroused at the naked man on his knees looking up at him. ‘Now undo my belt and pull down my trousers.’ As Aftab complied Sunny grabbed his head and ground Aftab’s face into his crotch ‘that’s what a man smells like, do you like it?’ he asked. ‘Mmm’ came the reply. ‘And now take down my shorts and tell me what you see’ (Sunny was wearing ck boxers). Aftab pulled down Sunny’s boxers and came eye to eye with one of the thickest and longest dicks that he had seen. It must have been about 8 inches long and twice as thick as his own slender member. At the end of it there was a drop of pre-cum hanging from the tip of Sunny’s foreskin. Aftab looked and saw the hair that surrounded Sunny’s dick and balls, unlike his own it was not trimmed or shave. The hair seemed to go all the way around Sunny’s dick and balls and then up to his torso and down his legs. There was a faint smell that was very musky and sexy coming from Sunny’s crotch. Nervously he looked at the dick in front of him and licked his full lips. He noticed the faint taste of his own pre-cum on his lips and became even more arouse.

Even though the AC was on in the room. Both men were beginning to sweat from their excitement and arousal. ‘What now?’ Aftab asked both scared and excited at the answer that he knew he would get. ‘Move a little closer, can you see how aroused I am by you, do you want to taste it?’ Sunny asked. Without waiting for an answer he grabbed the back of Aftab’s head and pulled it closer to his groin. As he did so Aftab grabbed the dick coming towards him to slow it’s progress all he managed to do was to push back the foreskin so that more of the pre cum slicked against his lips and tongue. For the first time in his life there was a ‘big and thick dick’ in his mouth and he found that he quite liked the sensation. As he held the member in his mouth he felt Sunny’s hips moving so that the dick in his mouth moved backwards and forwards. ‘Suck it’ Sunny ordered, but there just seemed to be so much of it that Aftab didn’t know what to do! (It was his first time).

Pulling out his dick Sunny looked down and said ‘Get on the bed, I’ll have to show you what to do’. Aftab scrambled onto the bed. Just when he thought that it wouldn’t be possible to be any more aroused or excited he found that he was. Kicking away the boxers that were around his ankles Sunny walked to the bed his hard-on bouncing with each step. When he got to the foot of the bed he looked at Aftab and said ‘ aah Jatt di Lun ya, when it get’s excited there are only two ways to calm it down It either gets sucked or fucked’. Getting onto the bed he moved positioned himself between Aftab’s thighs and pulled his ankles so that they rested on Sunny’s shoulders. Reaching up he put his middle finger in Aftab’s mouth and told him to lick it and make it nice and wet. While Aftab did this Sunny resumed his gaandault on Aftab’s dick and balls. He licked the balls starting at the back and then moved all the way to the base of Aftab’s penis. Then taking his finger out of Aftab’s mouth, he swallowed the slender dick all the way to the root and started to lick and suck it. As he did so he started to circle the ‘virgin ring’ with the wet finger and when he felt it relax he slid in the finger as far as it would go up Aftab’s arse. The shock and feeling of pain was immediate however the feeling of having his dick sucked by another man soon took his mind of them and after a while Aftab realised that having a man suck you dick while their finger was up you arse was very pleasant indeed.

Aftab was getting nearer to coming with each suck on his slender dick. Just when he was nearly there Sunny pulled Aftab’s dick out of his mouth and smiled. Once again pulling Aftab to him so that his legs were pressed against Sunny’s hairy chest Sunny asked ‘you remember what I said about a Jatt’s lun?’ Aftab was too near the point of orgasm to do anything but nod and could only gaandume that ...

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