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Multimedia gallery

21.chaand ki gaand 3

`Aaj hum lund ka shikaar karenge' Lala tells me, `Kya
matlab Lalaji'
I ask. `Tum dekhna kaise main tumhen nai cheez
seekhata hoon'. We
are watching a blue movie, and as usual Lala is
playing with my
cock. My trousers are down to my knees, Lala's left
hand is fondling
my testicles and his right hand is stroking my lund
slowly. `Tumhe
jab bhi muthi marwani ho aa jaya karo, 5 minute me
jhaad doonga'
Lala offers, `Theek hai Lalaji' I comply, after all I
am getting
used to this fun. Lala keeps of masturbating me and I
watch the
girl's pussy being fucked on the screen. Great fun!
`Chalo tumhen film deekhata hoon', I pull up my
trousers, `Lekin
Lalaji abhi to jhada nahin' `Bacha kar rakho aa kar
chodenge' Lala
assures me. With a semi erect lund I zip up and leave
with Lala.
After a ride on the rickshaw we arrive at the cinema
showing `Jawani
ki Bhool'. `Ab dekho is shikari ko' Lala asks me to
stand near the
ticket line. Suddenly Lala takes out Rs 50 and gives
it to me,'Us
ladke ko do aur hamare liye do ticket lene ko bolo' I
am surprised
and ask him why, `Jo main kah raha hoon tum wo karo
aur dekhte jao'
So I give Rs 50 to this young guy in jeans and shirt,
he looks like
19-20 years old and seems nervous while waiting to see
the adult
Inside the hall as our tickets were purchased together
so this guy
is sitting in the corner, Lala beside him and then me.
The hall is
half empty as it is the afternoon show. There is no
one in our row
and the movie starts. It's a South Indian xx film, the
first `scene'
comes after a few minutes and the actress is bathing
under a shower,
she slowly removes her bra and her voluptuous boobs
are exposed. I
start getting an erection. Then in the next scene a
guy is massaging
an aunty's boobs and licking her nipples. I turn to
look at Lala and
what I see is shocking. The young guys lund is out of
his zip and
Lala is stroking it, he is thoroughly enjoying the
movie and the
free service Lala is giving him. Lala is whispering
something in his
ear, and then this guy pulls up his jeans and gets up.
Lala gestures
to me and gets up as well, I am perplexed but I follow
Lala. Three
of us leave the cinema and we get into a rickshaw
towards Lala's
`Aslam ko hum asli blue film deekhayenge' Lala
explains to me,
Aslam – this young guy smiles. At Lala's home we start
the blue
movie and Lala switches off the lights and draws the
curtains. Lala
then sits with Aslam and asks me to sit on Aslam's
other side. Lala
then opens few bottles of beer and we all have chilled
beer. After
about 20 minutes, Lala clears the bottles, `Kallu
chutti par gaya
hua hai, mujhe sara kam karna pad raha hai'. Lala goes
to the
kitchen, I am alone with Aslam watching the blue film,
we look at
each other and sheepishly smile. I am around five
years older to
Aslam but I have more fat on my body then him, he is
lean but more
muscular than me.
After a few minutes, as Lala is never short of
surprises, he enters
the room stark naked. I have seen Lala's fat, flabby
body and shaven
hairless small cock before, but poor Neeraj is
speechless. Lala
straightaway comes towards the sofa we are sitting on
and squats and
sits on the floor in front of us. He unbuttons Aslam's
jeans very
fast, unzips it and pulls it down. Aslam is still
stunned, he does
not resist but looks at me, I smile back and continue
watching the
blue movie where a black guy is being serviced by a
sexy blonde
riding him. `Lund to dikha apna' Lala says and pulls
underwear too exposing this poor guys cock. `Tum apni
pant utaaro'
Lala looks at me, I obediently take off my trousers
completely and
as I am not wearing any underwear (I don't when I am
at Lala's
place!). I take off my t-shirt also and sit there with
a semi erect
cock. Aslam looks at me and my lund and then sees Lala
who is now
feverishly stroking Aslam's cock. I am stroking mine
to my full 6"
length, my lund has the foreskin attached to the head.
I look left
and am astonished to see that Aslam has a lund almost
8" long and
thick as well, his foreskin is pushed back to reveal
shiny glans
(head) which is dripping with pre-cum. `Do do lode,
aaj to maza
aayega' Lala sounds happy and takes my cock into his
right hand.
Aslam is confused but is enjoying every bit, he looks
at me and
smiles now. I compare, my chest is hairless and soft
and his is a
little hairy, his chest muscles are tight, his weight
is definitely
less than me but he has a toned body. And of course
his 8" lund!
Lala takes out his tongue and starts to put saliva on
Aslam's supara
(glans), Aslam moans and closes his eyes, Lala is also
stroking my
cock - faster. The sound of the uh.. aahs.. from the
blue film is
permeating the room. Lala then moves his head between
my legs and
spits on my lund, he then takes my 6" lund in his
mouth and with my
lund inside his mouth, he rotates his tongue all over
lund. `Aslam ke lode ke saamne tumhara lula kitna
chota lagta hai',
he then moves his head back between Aslams legs and
puts his wet
lund in his mouth. I start fondling Lala's breast and
playing with
his dark nipple. `Meri chuchi maslo' Lala screams, so
I start
squeezing his nipples with my fingers. Lala is taking
almost half of
Aslam's 8" lund in his mouth and enjoying every bit of
it. `Aslam
inki chuchi tum maslo' I find this strange, although
my breasts are
soft as well but my nipples are much smaller than
Lala's. Aslam
obeys and starts to play with my right nipple,
strangely enough it
becomes hard and I enjoy it.
Slurp, slurp, slurp….Lala's mouth keeps on sucking
Aslam's lund and
then takes turn to suck mine as well. His head is
moving to and fro
between my legs and Aslam's. In the dark room both our
cocks are
shining with Lala's saliva. Lala then takes his right
index finger,
spits on it and starts rotating it on the entrance of
my asshole, I
automatically lift my right leg and keep it on Lala's
shoulder, `Yeh
hui na baat' saying this Lala inserts his finger into
my warm gand.
Aslam looks at all this a little surprised, I feel
like a pro in
front of Aslam. Lala slurps and licks Aslam's big
cock, he then puts
another finger into my anus, I feel it tighten and
give a
moan, `Lalaji dono ungli daal rahe ho' Lala says `Aur
bahut kuch
daalna hai teri tight gand me' and starts fucking my
gand with two
`Aslam, dekho, sahab ki gand mere naukar Kallu ne
kholi hai, ab isme
train bhi ja sakti hai' Aslam smiles as Lala starts
sucking my cock
at the same time. Lala's left hand is stroking Aslam's
shiny cock.
Aslam gives a tight squeeze to my nipple so I squeal
and look at
him, he smiles again. Lala then gets up and shows his
big fat body
in all its glory, `Chalo ab chodte hain, zara tel
lana' he asks me.
Instead of tel I get nice imported face cream from the
other room,
when I come back I see Lala sitting on the edge of the
bed sucking
Aslam's 8" lund and holding his buttocks moving him so
that Aslam's
lund moves in and out of Lala's hot mouth. My cock has
slightly limp now as it has not been in Lala's mouth
for some time.
I give Lala the cream, `Tumhen pata hai kya karna hai,
Aslam ke lund
ka meri gand se muqabla karao' `Lalaji Aslam ka to
bahut bada lund
hai, aap le loge apni gand me?' I ask `Tumhe rasta
dikhana hoga,
pakad ke araam se dalna' hearing this Aslam smiles at
me. I also
smile back.
Lala takes the doggy position on all fours and raises
his fat
buttocks with his small hanging cock towards the edge
of the bed. I
am standing besides Aslam whose erection is still a
big fat 8" with
his shiny supara and rolled back foreskin. It looks
attractive. `Cream se andar nahin jaayega, Aslam ke
lund ko thook
chahiye' Lala tells me, I obey and come on my knees,
my face is
right in front Aslam's shiny cock, which is still
dripping with
Lala's saliva (thook). I spit on Aslam's cock and
spread my thook on
Aslam's supara, Aslam gives a moan with my touch. This
excites me, I
instantly take my mouth closer to his shiny supara and
touch it with
my tongue, `Ghabrao mat Aslam ka lund bada mast hai,
chaato' Lala
looks back and smiles, he is still on all fours. I
look at Lala, `Ab
chaato bhi, sharmao nahin' I take out my tongue
slowly, hold Aslam's
huge cock in my right hand and touch my tongue on the
tip of his
supara where there is a line, Aslam shakes his body. I
lick the
under part of Aslam's supara and roll my wet tongue
towards the top.
My hand is barely enough for Aslam's thick lund, it
starts to
shiver. My eyes close and I take Aslam's wet supara in
my mouth. I
taste Lala's thook and Aslam's pre cum, nice salty
taste. I take his
supara in my mouth and start to and fro movements,
slurp slurp…,
Aslam grabs my hair and is enjoying every bit. I make
his lund very
wet with my saliva. `bahut choos liya, meri gand
intezaar kar rahi
hai' Lala interrupts. I obey and take Aslam's lund
towards Lala's
asshole, I spit on Lala's asshole and insert my two
fingers to
spread my saliva in Lala's warm inviting gand. `Aah'
Lala sighs. I
then spit again on Aslam's shiny supara which is
dripping on the
floor and take it again in my mouth. Aslam is doing
whatever me and
Lala are guiding him to do, he is too much in pleasure
and too
confused to ask....
I position Aslam's 8" cock at the entrance of Lala's
wet gand `Aslam
zor lagao, ghusao apna loda' I tell Aslam. Aslam holds
buttocks and waist and pushes forward, Lala sighs,
Aslam's supara
goes in. My head is right at the meeting point, and
Lala's asshole
looks stretched. The blue movie has stopped and the TV
is grainy.
Aslam pushes it further in, Lala squeals with
pleasure, `Tumhara
lund to do lundo ke ...

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