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Acne/Pimples Treatment

Who gets Acne/Pimples
*Acne/Pimples is more common in the age group of 13 - 30 years
*But it may occur or persist even beyond this age limit.
*Males are more frequently affected than females due to androgen activity.
*Females may get a pre-menstrual flare due to the increase in level of a hormone called Progesterone.

What is inside the Acne/Pimples
The skin has minute glands called sebaceous glands which open into the hair follicle. These glands secrete an oily substance called sebum, which empties into the skin surface through the hair follicle. During puberty, the male sex hormones which are normally present both in males and females are on the rise and they activate the sebaceous glands to increase in size, which in turn leads to increase in the secretion of sebum. Secondly, the cells are shed more rapidly and they stick together, plugging the opening of the hair follicle, resulting in 'white heads'. The pigment melanin in the white heads when exposed to air, forms black heads. Thirdly, bacteria especially the 'propionibacterium acne' in number and add to the formation of acne. When the follicle gets clogged, its wall ruptures. The sebum, bacteria and dead cells escape into the surrounding tissue and lead to formation of more severe form of acne in form of pustules, nodules, abscesses and cysts.

Reasons for formation of acne?
Acne commonly occurs in people who are genetically predisposed.
• Use of cosmetics such as creams, oil based moisturizers, oil based foundations, and etc. can cause acne.
• Application of heavy oil or gel on the scalp leads to pimples on the back and forehead.
• People who work in chemical or oil industries and come in contact with hydrocarbons, heavy oils, and cutting oil, wax, and grease and coal tar derivatives can develop acne.
• People working in hot and humid climate can develop acne.
• Drugs such as oral contraceptives, steroids, isoniazid, lithium, phenytoin, iodides etc. can cause pimples.
• Squeezing or picking at a pre-existing lesion will lead to secondary infection and increased pigmentation.
• Stress will exacerbate acne.
• Finally, if acne persists in spite of medical treatment or if the patient has other features such as or hair loss, an endocrine disorder must be considered and investigations carried out accordingly.

What I wants to ‘Do’s and Don’ts with acne?
1. Wash your face with a mild soap or cold water at least 3-4 times a day.
2. Increase the intake of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapes, lime and lemon and other food stuff which are high in vitamin C and zinc.
3. Drink plenty of water.
4. Do not pick or squeeze the pimples as this causes infection, pigmentation and scarring.
5. Avoid the use of oily cosmetics, cleansing milk and gels.
6. Do not apply excessive hair oil if you have acne over the forehead.
7. Avoid stress factors.
8. Be patient and give medicines some time to act.
For Acne and Pimples Homoeopathic Medicines act very well with out side effect and also act an anti ageing.
For treatment
Please click the following link

For Acne/Pimples
Direct Consultation

Please Visit
Dr.D.Senthil Kumar, B.H.M.S., M.D (Alt Med)., M.Phil(Psy)
Consulting Homoeopath & Psychologist
Chennai Camp
Every Sunday 11.30 am to 02.00 pm
(Consultation by Appointment only)
Sri Chakra Flats
No.54-F3 vijaya nagar 3rd Main road

For Appointment
Please call: 09443054168, 09786901830

For Foreign patients
For more detail and mode of payment
Send mail to
Call +91 9443054168, +91 9786901830

Main Clinic
Vivekanantha Homoeo Clinic & Psychological Counselling Center
No.8.Rajaji Salai,
Cuddalore district,

Monday to Saturday
10.30 am to 12.45 pm & 05.30 pm to 9.00 pm

For Appointment
Please call: 09443054168, 09786901830
(Sunday Consultation by Appointment only)

For Online Consultation & Treatment
(Medicine for one month + postage charges)
Rs 750/- (Seven hundred fifty rupees only)

Mode of Payment

1-Please pay Rs 750 in State Bank of India (SBI) any branch in INDIA in favour of Dr.D.Senthil Kumar A/C No: 10577754912 Payable at Panruti Branch (Through core banking or net banking)
Please pay Rs 750 in ICICI bank any branch in INDIA in favour of Dr.D.Senthil Kumar A/C No: 101401501103 Payable at Panruti Branch (Through core banking or net banking)

2-Please sent the payment detail (Name, Age, Place, Date and Time of Payment) through SMS to 09443054168 or Mail to

3-Please copy and past the Patient questionnaire in MS WORD and fill the questionnaire and send via mail to

4-You will receive the Medicine along with using details with in 7 working (with in India) days, with in 7 to 15 days (Out side of India)
Professional secrecy will be maintained
(Your complaints and other Details should be kept very confidential)

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