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365 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

15. Oct 2008 18:01:56 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 35 kB
hmmmm... very nice... very nice indeed
24.08.2009 04:32 EDT,
Wtf you look so angry for put a smile on your face bhai
20.03.2009 20:51 EDT,
Bwahahahahahaha o fark, lean u luk la u gort b heavy shit 0n board wit tat huglee c0nstipatd face 0v yaws, tel me y u g0r tel evwi wun tat u tow handsum wen u a fat short black farken oaf, u luk lyka arsehole with t rusty arsehole hairz an0l :o( chi hyd tat fugly face yaw attention seeking f0ol. Praise yo self 0nly iv u w0rthy 0v it,whch u clearly n0d. Ugleeeeee kuntwa
20.02.2009 00:33 EST,
My bhai is the chaar version of vin diesel !!
07.02.2009 04:42 EST,
>>@$h¥<<...:(..hOwcom3 i can't s33 yaw pOLk@dOt c@r.. (G) b33tch dOn't knOw hOt 3ven wh3n itz r@a@!t infrOnt Ov h3r.. *mwahz*
27.01.2009 04:40 EST,
wat ladiz ay only know to fight fight and stay... ay i tell u
17.12.2008 04:09 EST,
lmfbo give it to him bhai(G) haters everywhere we go. . . looking madir bhai only thing missing is a smile and a skyf(G)
25.11.2008 22:06 EST,
ill farking replace your mothers puss with your head so every time your father bang her he'll be putting in your mouth your morfie laity we know you like it like that;-) the question is which steki;-) kunt! ill bang your mother sister auntys and your grannys mouth in the rush no teeth ill get a gum job(G) MY COCK IS ALSO BIG why think your mothers puss is torn?... its time you stopped coming here and expressing your jealousy because you only making yourself a bigger kunt! by doing so... now take your puss! comments and shove it up your ass where everything else goes;-) stupid asshole! youl get...
20.11.2008 14:15 EST,
Fine dezyn!:P...yaw majesty..lmvpofl mwahaz asho u hot specimen..> ^Kajal^
14.11.2008 18:11 EST,
Dont wory abt wat replace chund bhai i kno u da styln king xa ...
13.11.2008 06:25 EST,
what a big head with such small eyes, keep them small coz when im banging ur steky u cant see. Lol black sugar smokerz lipz u got there. Dnt chase, replace
06.11.2008 04:29 EST,
Oooooooh lala !! Tor koooot hehe wadladat tor hot man..diz nod ryt ashy u fuzzemz..mwaahlalaz
01.11.2008 09:15 EDT,

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