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image - Woman Indian


41 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

20. May 2010 13:22:19 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 25 kB
Mwah tashy pup soo beautiful u looking oOoh mwah take care tashy dhee
12.07.2010 04:41 EDT,
What fucken stammer... Its something called 'expression'.. Not the Xpression that your bitch know's.. Thats Depression- from all the sugar bala's she been getting.. You dont know what change xa?? Keep the change that your woman been making, for selling her puss, buy sugar's with it, maybe you'l just make it for 'only 1 pacific loose' lmbo. Your chatsworth hobo! You fucken trying to threaten me? I dont care whether you "look pass it" or not i will still fuck with you and thats the bottom line cause rayray said so! Rukfall your nye? You tramp my toe's i will smash your head(",)
09.07.2010 01:29 EDT,
Cut cut cut ? You f%cken doos or worse you even stammer and type what balls faggot.Lol pu$s face you think you can f%ck with me and i will look pass it what change morfie..Your anal must be the size of the old R1 coin.Do you know whats frail.. Sona.How often you look in the mirror and wish you had a dick on your forehead.. Enlighten me will be much easy introducing yourself as dickheadrayray.Lmfbo.. This pu$s face even admits he need's a dictionary .Lol come now k%nt must i cheer for u.. To do better :-(
Cut cut cut! Fuck this shit.. Fuck this bitch.. And fuck you too luchen.. Keep the change.. And keep your frail bitch too!.. Lmbo oh and as for the "dictionary"... I cant seem to find the god damn fucken thing! Its probably still stuck in your biatch's "ocean basket" ...collecting crabs..
30.06.2010 15:32 EDT,
lol you nothing but a weak snye who.. Type lot but in reality one two loose boots how fast you will run (o_O).
Your nye whose.. A lightie.. Lmfbo do you even know me faggot.. Get this into your thick f%cken head. . . . I'm not your friend . . . For you to type xse and raakfall. ? Raakfall what bra.. you trying to insult me . . . So badly that you fail to realise.. I will f%ck you up so badly and even when you f%ckt i'll still kick you till you shit your teeth out thru your arse (",) lol what pu$s phoenix gangster are you lightie.. As it is you not getting feed your daily meals stupid k%nt.You cant read.. ? Ask viks who came fragrance street (",) ? ? ?
. . . . . . >>You use so much slang as if its noticeable.. You should read a f%cken dictionary when you done shove it up your fucken arse lmfbo ray ray.. pu$s face ray.(",)

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