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* How does it work? *

To understand how Homoeopathy works, one need to have a grasp on the law of similars as discussed in * How did it start? *

To recap:
The Law of Similars states that a substance can treat any set of symptoms in a sick person if that substance is capable of producing the same symptoms in a healthy person.

How do we know what symptoms a substance is capable of producing?

Over the years the toxicology of various substances have been recorded. Additionally the pioneers of the proffession have conducted provings on diluted forms of toxic and seemingly inert substances to complete the missing links.

Not only were the physical symptoms recorded, but also the mental and emotional symptoms that have appeared.

After all the information has been compiled and sorted, the end is not in sight.

There are hundreds of remedies capable of treating headaches, diarrhoea, colds i.e. capable of producing symptoms similar to but not identical to the abovementioned diseases.

One thing that distinguish the remedies though is the fact that each one cause the symptoms to appear in a unique way.

Therefore one remedy is capable of producing (and curing) a throbbing headache at the back of the head at 3am while another may produce a stitching pain over the eyes made worse by bright light.

It is this approach that affords homoeopaths to individualise each patient's symptoms rather than merely treating a headache or a foot etc.

Figuratively speaking a homoeopathic consultation is like matching fingerprints or sorting shapes.

If your symptoms represent a big red square, the remedy selected will have to be a big red square as well.

The sizes may not match exactly or the remedy may be a darker shade of red, but in principle it must be the most SIMILAR remedy.

If a big orange square is selected as the remedy it won't work or perhaps only bring temporary relief even though it is also a big square.

In principle it just isn't similar eough.

This, in a nutshell, is how homoeopathy is clasically operated to ensure an effective prescription.

Each case is evaluated on its own principals to match the

"symptom picture"
to the
"remedy picture"

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