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maid servent

Hello, I am Rehan, male, 23
years old from Bangalore. I
am completing my
next year. I am a regular
reader of Indian sex stories,
but I never thought that
something like that could
ever happen with me. But
now I totally agree that
these incidences described
here are true, and not
merely imaginary. Well
firstly I would like to
describe myself – shy,
studious, wear very thick
specs, a regular and sincere
boy for the college and
society. Physically I am 5’11,
built average. I was a very
normal and sincere boy,
just like any boy next door
till we did that . Yep, I am
coming to the point.
I live with my family, my
mom, papa and one elder
sister. Dad works as a
doctor in government
hospital, mom’s a
housewife and sister is
doing job in a private
company. We live in a flat
with 3 bedrooms. Mummy
has appointed a maid
which use to wash cloths
and dishes. The maid was
ages nearly 50-55 years, was
defiantly fat and she used
to sing religious songs while
working. I used o study in
my bedroom during her
timing which was about
6:30 at the evening. One
day she came at our house
at 9 pm instead of regular
6:30 and said that she
wanted to talk to mummy.
So I called mummy. Bai
told her that she was
having arthritis in her joints
and therefore could not
work anymore at our
house. Mom showed
sympathy towards here as
she worked at our house
for 21 long years. She told
mom that if she wants
then she could send her
daughter in law in place of
her for the work, for which
my mother agreed. But
then she told that she
could not come at 6:30 but
8 pm would be appropriate
at she has work at other
houses at that time, for
which mom agreed.
Next day at 8, I opened the
door to see her; she was
looking just a girl of 18
years. I welcomed her then
told her duties. In the
meantime I physically
checked her, her tits were
not that big but just
normal, her ass was just in
a shaped to be rammed.
Her color was a little
whitish but her face was
really appealing. After her
work she came to me in my
room and told me that she
was leaving , I told her ok ,
then she asked me my
name , I also enquired her
name , her name was
Sheela. From now on she
started coming daily and
slowly we became very
I came to know that she
was married from 2 year! I
asked her that why she
married so early then she
told me that her parents
arranged it with his
husband, she couldn’t
protest. I felt bad about
her. After 2 month my
nanny felt ill seriously, my
exam were from next week
so my parents as well as sis
leaved for 2 weeks. I was
up to me for preparing
food and all other
household. Just like every
day, I opened the door at 8
and turned back to my
room for study. As I sat to
study I noticed knock on
my door, I told her to
come in.
I asked what happed, she
asked me where are your
parents and didi , I told
her . She then asked that
what about food, I told
that I will prepare. She
offered me that she will
prepare the food from
now on every day till
parent’s return for which i
not agreed. I told her that i
can manage it but she
insisted, said that a friend
in need is friend indeed, at
last I agreed. From that day
she came everyday and
cooked food served me
and then leaved. One day ,
I was studying in my room ,
I heard crying in the
kitchen , she was like
weeping slowly ,
I entered the kitchen . She
told me that it will take
time for food, I went closer
and turned her face
forcefully towards me , she
was crying hard . I asked
her that what has happed ,
she said nothing . I asked
her a little emotionally ,
then she walked away and
entered my bedroom . I
followed her. On entering
the bedroom she literally
felt on the floor. I was very
shocked; I pick her up and
make her up to my bed.
She was deep unconscious,
so I turned off the light
took my book and turned
to parent’s bedroom.
I was planning to wake all
night due to exam. at night
near about 3 o’clock I
heard knock on my door , i
opened . She was not
crying but looking weak
and sad. She entered and
sat on the floor for which i
told her to sit on bed. She
sat on the very corner of
the bed, I asked her what
happened. She told me
that it’s her mother in law,
she wants a child from her
but she was not conceiving.
I suddenly started feeling
shy. I told her why can’t
you conceive? She told that
his husband is a alcoholic
and does not spend
enough time with her. I
She came closer to me and
asked me that how I feel
about her? I was
embarrassed, but I told
that I liked her , she was
very cooperative, friendly as
well as beautiful . she
giggled. She then asked me
that do I have girlfriends, I
told her no. She came
close, just a forearm away
and started breathing
heavily looking straight in
my eyes. I can feel her
breath , her scent , I could
see her red moist lip which
were dying to be kissed . I
moved forward and our
lips met , it was my first
sexual kiss in my life and I
didn’t know how to kiss ,
but later I know that it’s a
natural thing any no
special training is needed
for that .
She actively inserted he
tongued in my mouth and
started feeling me in my
pants by her both hands.
My dick was erect 7 inched
at that time. After a long I
she broke the kiss and said
that please sahib I like you
very much and please gift
me a baby. After that she
started removing my shirt
and unzipped my pants, I
was so excited that I was
literally shaking. I the
opened her dressing. As I
removed her bra I got the
glorious view of her two
mangoes. I was just sitting
there like a little boy
watching anything first
time. I was only in my
underwear at that time.
She looked at my reaction
and smiled at me.
She took hold of my head
and forced me at her
breasts. I started licking the
black aureole and nipple. i
sucked hard and with my
hand it started pressing the
other breast. She started
moaning. After 10-15
minutes she removed my
undie’s and my 7 inched
dick cam in her view , she
immediately took in in her
hand and moved back and
forth. The she sat ant took
its tip in her mouth , she
did not took the whole
thing but just the tip and
then started circling it with
her tongue . I went crazy
oh god , it was great. While
doing all this she was all
time watching my eyes
directly with a smile after
watching my reaction.
The she swallowed my
whole dick immediately
and started giving me the
best blowjob of my life .
when i thought that i am
going to cum she
immediately removed my
cock from my mouth. I was
shocked and said why don’t
you complete me , she told
that she want to fuck me .
She then told me to rest
on bed….she slowly turn
upside of me and pointed
my dick at her black pussy.
It was the point where i
lost my virginity. she
stroked her body a little
downwards and m whole
dick went inside her. It was
a marvelous sensation . she
then started to roll up and
down , her boobs bounced
every to me.
After 15 minute i told he i
was about to cum she
bend down still rolling up
and down and kissed me
on my lips , she increased
her speed and i came inside
her. I was literally bursting,
as i never cum that much
before , she also had her
orgasm with me and we
were kissing that time. Oh, i
m missing that time. Then i
told her to sleep near me
and try to remove my limp
dick from her pussy , but
she told not to. She told
let it be there are we sleep
today , so we slept like
baby’s , mingled to each
other and wake up at 10
the other morning .
She was dressed till then,
and offer me tea with a
smile . I was nude at that
time and preferred to be
nude. I pulled he toward
me and start kissing her
like mad man. She stopped
me and told that she has
to leave for work at other
house , I asked that than
what about me , she smiled
took my erected cock in
her mouth and blow me
till I cum in her mouth
which she all drank
smilingly. After 9 month
she deliver her baby girl
which i know was mine.
From that day on we
fucked as soon as we got
chance. Blowjobs were so
common that when my
parents were at home and I
was in my room then also
she game me fast blowjobs
whenever I needed now
after a long time I think
that I am really in love with
her. So what should my
next step? she told me that
she want to marry me , I
fell the same way , but
how can I tell my parents
and all……please guide me,
Mail me at –

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