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How to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a very difficult thing to do. When you decide that you want to stop smoking, research all the different methods at your disposal andchoose the one that will suit your habit and personality best. While this method is one of many quitting methods, it has worked for a number of people, so it might just be worth consideration in your own case.
Decide that you want to stop smoking, but don't make too big of adeal about it . Get into the mindset that if you desire a cigarette reallybadly and light up, it will not be the end of the world. It can be a lot of stress to quit smoking, and usually stress creates nicotine cravings. Stressing out about quitting can just make you want to smoke more. Plan to quit in a week or so as you follow the next few steps.
Organize some stress-busting sidelines to distract you from wanting to light up. Go and exercise , watch a favorite TV show, calla friend, workout in the gym, take the dog for a walk, etc.
Ingesting cream of tartar is one of many natural methodsused to quit smoking. Cream of tartar will help your body flush the nicotine from your bloodstream and significantly reduce your nicotine cravings as you continue the treatment. Cream of tartar mainly consists of potassium, so ingesting cream of tartar willhelp replace the potassium levels in your body that have been depleted due to smoking nicotine. Your body's increased potassium levels will also help strengthen your cardiovascular system, which in turn will help you resist nicotine cravings while you quit smoking. The most effective way to take cream of tartar is to mix it with orange juice. As the cream of tartar expels the toxins and nicotine from your body, the vitamin C in orange juice will strengthen your immune system to help you handle the effects of the natural detoxification process.
Gather your Ingredients
Purchase cream of tartar . You will be required to use 1 tsp. (4.92 milliliters) of cream of tartar daily for between 7 and 21 days until the nicotine is flushed from your body.
You can purchase cream of tartar in as little as 1.5 oz. (42.52 g) jars, which equates to 9 tsp. (44.36 milliliters). If you think you may need more than 9 days to quit smoking,you may want to purchase a larger container of cream oftartar.
Buy cream of tartar in its most natural form. Organic or natural cream of tartar will be the healthiest options to help you quit smoking, as some manufacturers may add chemicals such aspreservatives to cream of tartar.
Purchase orange juice . You will be required to mix the tartar sauce with 8 oz. (226.79 g) of orange juice on a daily basis for the duration of your treatment.
Buy organic or all-natural orange juice that is not made from concentrate. Concentrated orange juice or processed orange juice will not contain the amount of nutrients your body needs during the natural detoxification process.
You may need to return to your local grocery store more than once during your treatment to replenish your supplyof fresh orange juice.
Prepare and Ingest the Cream of Tartar
Measure the proper dosage of cream of tartar .
Use a measuring teaspoon to extract 1tsp. (4.92 milliliters) of the cream of tartarpowder from the jar.
Use a utensil, such as a butter knife, to level out the dosage by scraping the excess cream of tartar powder from the measuring spoonback into the jar.
Empty the measuring spoon of cream of tartar into a drinking glass .
Use a drinking glass that will hold at least8 oz. (226.79 g) of liquid.
You may add a few drops of warm waterto the cream of tartarpowder before adding the orange juice to help the powder dissolve.
Mix the cream of tartar with the orange juice .
Pour 8 oz. (226.79 g) of orange juice into the glass over the powder and mix using a large spoon.
Drink the cream of tartar and orange juice mixture nightly before going to bed . Drinking the mixture before bedtime will help your body detoxify more efficiently since your metabolism is slower while you sleep.
Continue to drink thecream of tartar and orange juice mixture until you no longer crave nicotine. The treatment may take between 7 and 21 days depending on the amount of nicotine you smoked previously on a daily basis.

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