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Be expert facebook user®™

How much do you use Facebook ? Every day? Would you consider yourself an expert? It’s true that we d

To help you make the most of your Facebook experience, I’m going to go into depth explaining the best hidden Facebook tricks currently available, suchas forwarding messages, organizing contacts in lists, viewing your profile the way another contact sees it, joiningand using groups specifically made for your college and its students, and controlling who sees what you’re tagged in by your friends.
Message Forwarding
The simple way to share messages between different parties is copy and paste. Right? Maybe not. Conversations can be difficult to select in the right place. It also can be quite tedious whenever you want to quickly edit the conversation so that it’s easy to readand follow. Thankfully, Facebook has addressed the issue with message forwarding, allowing you to easily shareany part of a conversation.
The process is simple. With the desiredconversation open, click “ Actions ” and then
“Forward …”
You’ll be prompted to select which messages you would like to send. Do this by checking the boxes next to each message. Click the blue “
Forward ” button in the yellow banner at the top and send your message to anyone you desire. You can also add your own comments to the conversationas seen in the image below.
It is important to note that you should always get the permission from the other friend whose messages you’re forwarding. It’s the courteous thing todo.
Contact Lists
As you may already know, Facebook hasa “lists” feature, which allows you to sort contacts, or do you? If you do know about the feature, do you use it?A quick survey I conducted with 104 people resulted in 72 percent not using this feature. 10 percent said they use only the lists provided by Facebook to organize their friends and 17 percent said they use the provided lists and also make some of their own. Only 27 percent of those who were surveyed are using Facebook lists. That seems quite low to me. However, with that said, Facebook doesn’t make it very simple to organize your contacts, nor do they really explain the benefits of doing so.
I’ll quickly explain the benefit that Facebook lists can be. If you’re at alllike me, you probably have connections from several aspects of your life – work, school, family, different organizations, church, friends and peopleyou’ve met through your friends. At the very least, it’s nice to know
how those people fit into your life. Sureyou may think you can remember them all, but once in a while we all run across someone in our newsfeed that we have to stop and ask ourselves “
Who is this person again? ” That aloneshould be reason enough to organize your contacts.
However, you can also create specific newsfeeds for certain people or topics, instead of just seeing everything. Probably the most useful trick with lists, though, is the ability to filter outposts and direct them to certain categories of friends. This can be helpful if you don’t want to annoy fellow co-workers with the vast amount of YouTube videos that you made and posted on your profile for your close friends to see.
This is a good time to quickly point outthat you should never post anything on the Internet that you don’t want
everyone to see. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t direct it to specific audiences, but save yourself some embarrassment and don’t post about that crazy party last night and call in sick on the same day — even ifthe post is “hidden” from your boss and co-workers. Remember those mutual friends of yours and your boss’s that were tagged in your post?Busted.
To create a Facebook contact list, clickon “Friends” on the left sidebar. You’ll likely see some lists already there — those are the ones Facebook has provided for you. The lists include places you’ve worked, gone to school,family, close friends and acquaintances, to name a few. This is a good place tostart, but if you want to make a custom list of your own you can click the button
“Create List.” Then just name the list and add the people you want.
Even if you don’t want to go back through all your contacts to add them to lists right now, be sure to start with the new contacts that you acquireand immediately add them to a list. This ensures that you don’t forget any newly added ones as you begin your Facebook list adventure.
Profile “View As…”
Ever wonder what your profile looks like to the public eye or even a specific person? The “
View As…” feature allows you to do just that. Beneath the bottom right corner of your cover photo, there is a small gear-shaped button (also next to the “
Activity Log ” button). When clicked, a menu with the option to see your profile how others see it drops down. Click “
View As…
” and you’ll see your profile change in appearance.

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