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ღ Hard Times ღ


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Like most of the love stories our story too didnt have the smooth sailing till the beginging,as it ws a long distance relationshp so many times we two found each other limits on some situation when we could come to each other instantly when we shld stay beside us, but we compromised all for future. But then came the phase of hard times the family pressure fr marriage ws increasing at my home, they still didnt knew abt my relationshp wid him, hw they wud? it ws beyond their imagination. At his home everybody came to knw this and problem starts arising there they even called me over ph many times and wished to broke up wid him but as we two were too strongly bonded to each other nothing cud moved us. But At last i hd to break the news of my relationshp to my family cz that time i found no way out except teeling them the truth and the consequences were very predictable they tried to make me to leave him in many ways from emotionally, from anger, from insulting, taunting even at one point of time my family boycott me. No body used to talk to me at the time of meal they served me and thats all. i never protest them for all these i simply accepted everythng beding my head dwn cz i knew for them it is beyond imagination that i could marry to someone who belongs to other religion , culture, state, language and so far away from home, they also scared of the recent stories comes in newspaper and they even didnt knw him or his family. But many times i tried to arrange a meeting or at least a ph conversation wid him, but everybdy in family turned it dwn. I cried a lot when i hd nothing to do..but i had one relief then it ws him. He always stayed beside me and whenever i got into any difficult situation i taked to him over ph and got new energy to fight wid everythng. Watching my condition he ws even ready to be settled here in my state even he ws liked to change his religion for me he ws such a crazy lover for me. but my family ws disagreed to evrythng. They increased so much pressure on me, even two three guys came to see me for marriage proposal i rejected everyone and faced trouble wid my family everytime. I mnt saying they were wrong at their point they were perfect but i too ws not wrong... i hd strong trust on him and on our love which gvn me the power and ability to go through all these for 2 and half years. Sometimes they injuried my confidence and soul in such a way that i used to feel so low no one at my home used to talk to me in good way and treated me as if i am a criminal. I used to hide myself always even at my own home, i ws next to become mad...coz except bearing this all i didnt had any other way to reply them. As i a human sometimes i used to feel so much disgraced that i used to misbehave wid him...coz i hd no other one to talk or orno other listener all the agitation and grief i used to unburden over him...on the other hand our second meeting ws delaying month after month which made me feel irritated over him... i ws obviously an understanding gal but all the circumstances made my heart filled with distrust, irritation and doubts over him...though it ws a temporary feeling. Moreover his late coming worked as a fuel that he didnt bother abt my situation at home, may be he ws playing wid me and he didnt hv any plan to marry me, i never doubted on him but that time situations made feel to asked him about his whereabouts i know all these hurted him a lot cz in such a long time of relation if behv such a way this ws unexpected for him. He too ws struggling somewhere there but i dint wanted to knw all coz i ws wishing to get rid of the terrible situation at home... i didnt realise in this process i ws breaking him from inside..he ws agreed to each thing which can keep us together but my fate and extremed pressurize situation made me doubted over everythng that he ws going to cheat me and leave me..It ws not that i ws eager to marry someone else but i wanted to go out of my home and thats all. However as his promise he came here for the second time but as i ws so much tortured mentally at home i couldnt behave properly as he expected from me. He brought so many costly gifts for me that i ws surprised and amazed by him. He returned bck home may be wid a broken heart though i can say intentionally i couldnt do anythng may be i ws misunderstood by him and to some extent family torture made me a lil abnormal. He gone and told me that we couldnt be married any day and asked me to marry some one else and after three or four days he cutted off all contacts wid me...that made me insane..i was like a dead body.


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