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ღ He Came Back ღ

★★.•¯`★ ★¯`•.★★

♫ .♥.•* ☀¨`*•♫.•´*.¸☀.•´♥

When he ws gone he took away everythng wid him, my days were passing like hell... i lost everythng..i tried to contact him many times i called him over ph thousands time messged him, left messges on net but got no reply frm him. For some days he even kept his ph off, i tried every single number of him, his brother but each ph ws off. I became like mad...i couldnt sleep at nyt and even slept a little a saw him in my dreal almost every single nyt continuously for 12 to 14 days..i used to wake up at 4 am each day checked my mobile my net accnts but no sign of him...i even searched his area on wikimapia, i decided to go there to his city to meet him i knw it ws impossible cz that time i hd little money still i ws trying arranging them on the other hand my family pressure ws same like before i couldnt bear this any more i left my home...but after all where could an alone gal go? my aunty took me to her house...there also i ws so ws couldnt got myslf free from his memories..every single day i used to send him messgs but no reply came i did spoke to some of my frnds to accompany me to his city coz it ws so far away otherwise i wont look for anyone i myslf ran to him. But No one ws free to go and there also some other prblms even once i spoke to my aunty that i wana go to meet him...anyone could imagine hw ws my condition that i knew everyone in my family ws dead against my relation and insulted me each time still i dared to talk to him cz i had no way out neither i hd money nor anyone to go wid me...i told her that i at least want to speak to him once, i didnt knw his adress but i would messge him to come to airport if he dnt respond i will come bck. Many frnds and relatives told dat he ws a cheater and thats y left me and they told also to forget him but i couldnt...i never wanted someone so badly as i wanted him...many times i thot of ending my life but i knw if i willl be dead he wud even cant knw this...and in that wy i cant get him if i m alive then only i can try to get bck him, evry single momment i prayed to god.. i ws like half mad for him...he ws in my blood, my soul, my heart beat hw cud i throw him out of me. Though in my heart i had the belief dat if our love is true oneday he must come bck to me but as i felt he ws hurt fr me so i rather liked go to him. 2 months passed, Once i got someone who ws ready to go wid me though he ws unknwn to me but ws a frnd of mu relative cum frnd...i started gathering money...and one day evening i found him online in fb..i cried even seen the online trembling hands i sent him messg, "still u wont talk to me?" then later at nyt i got a reply frm him that "dear ur tears and sacrifices wont be failed.." i never cried being happy in my life but that nyt i cried...and like the earlier days we chatted all nite long till 3 am. That day i slpt properly and thanked god wid all my heart.


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