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sexploit 9 - the nightclub (c)

I'd gone with friends to a night club, n was enjoyin dancing n flirting, my tiny skirt n revealing top attracting plenty of attention. I needed a drink, I reached the bar n leaned over, a barman reacting immediately to take my order. I could sense the reaction of some guys behind me n felt one cheeky guy reach for my skirt, he ran his fingers down my lower ass cheeks n leg, bare to his touch n lifted my skirt to see my naked ass. I got my vodka n coke n turned round, he moved in towards me n lifted my skirt again, surveying my bare pussy. He leaned in n whispered, "wanna fuck?" "Sure" I replied, he took my hand n we headed for the guys loo, he tested all the cubicle doors, they were full. He lifted me onto the sinks n put his hands in my top, massaging my breasts, he pushed my top to either side my tits now on display, guys coming in n out past us, he pulled me towards him, I unfastened his trousers and they dropped, he dropped his boxers n his cock sprand forward, we kissed, he spread my legs n moved me towards him, I wrapped my legs around him as he entered my pussy n started moving backwards n forwards, we kissed lustfully, n I leaned back aware that people were watching my actions as my tits jiggled on display, we continued n I grasped his ass encouraging him to thrust harder n faster running my fingers over his body, a few more thrusts n he reached his peak filling me with his warm milk. He looked at me, "you're one hot chick" he said, I hopped down off the sinks n straightened my skirt n top as he pulled up his trousers. We left n he got us some more drinks, "will you come home with me tonight?" He said "why not" I replied, he looked so pleased with himself I couldn't resist. We danced, he put his arms round me from behind, having another grope of my tits in my top. I slid my hand domn his trousers behind me n grasped his cock, stroking it n feeling it rise again in took a hold of it again, wrapping my hand around it n working it up and down, he reached down n felt my pussy, massaging my clit, other people on the dancefloor looking in disbelief. I led him of to one side n undid his trousers again, holding them so they didn't fall completely, I raised one leg n guided his cock into me once again I ran my fingers up his back n his trousers fell to the floor. 2 big doormen arrived on the scene, he pulled out still hard n pulled up his trousers, they walked us out of the club n told us to get a room, we walked down the street looking for a cab but he couldn't wait any longer n we finished what we'd started up against a walldown the street from the club, him holding onto me tight. We finished n finally got a cab back to his place, him running his hand up n down my legs his fingers touching my dripping pussy. We finally reached his place n went inside after he'd had another good grope on the doorstep, once inside he stripped us both naked n we spent the entire night on the rug in his lounge, kissing, n sucking n fucking, I gave him his first experience of fucking a girls ass n this made us both hornier than ever. Very little sleep was had that night. I left next morning after scrawling my address on a piece of paper. He now comes to mine from time to time for a good fuck n I welcome his eagerness with open legs

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