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paris tour eiffel

Sexploit 12 - Paris (c)

Oh paris, what a weekend, I'd gone there with 2 guys n 2 girls for an anti valentines celebration. The fun started before we'd even left the country. We'd pulled over in a layby for a coffee n a bit of a leg stretch before we had to get on the ferry, one of the girls sat on the bonnet of the car, her short skirt tantalizing me to investigate underneath it. I walked over n kissed her running my hand up the back of her top n unhooking her bra, she pulled it over her arms n then out the front of her top, I took it from her n twanged it at 1 of the guys. It hit him square in the chest, he caught it n promptly put it on his head. I lifted the other girls top n hooked it over the back of her head so she was now wearing it like a shrug her gorgeous tits exposed I rubbed them both n pushed them together sucking first one nipple then the other n rubbing my face in her cleavage. I stroked her leg n ran my hand up her skirt grasping her g-string at the crotch n pulling it hard, she lifted herself slightly so it would release n I pulled it down her legs n left it hanging around her ankles. I lifted her skirt up around her waist n leaned her backwards so I could get access to her pussy, I parted her legs n buried my face in her folds probing my tongue in her hole n sucking licking n nibbling her clit as she moaned with pleasure. I slipped of my skirt n undid my top so I was bent naked in front of her. Cars going past beeped their horns in encouragement. After a while one of the guys came around n dragged my naked ass round to the side of the road behind the car dropping his jeans n turning me round pushing me agains the car, taking me from behind parting my legs with his knees so he could fuck me my tits squashed against the side window, it was difficult for him to get in my pussy from that angle so he settled for my ass n jammed his cock in me as hard as he could as I moaned for more my arms on the top of the car, in n out he thrust holding onto my hips tightly to get maximum depth, eventually blowing his load in there, he pulled out moments later my ass dripping with his cum as it dribbled down the backs of my legs. We all got back in the car, the 2 girls in the front n me in the back still naked with the 2 guys the one who blew his load licking my ass clean tasting himself as I bent over the other guy n sucked his cock, feelin it firm up even more, the vibrations of the car helping. I kept sucking n licking flicking my tongue over the end of his cock on each up stroke n gaining momentum, over n over he was groaning with pleasure, unable to hold back any longer his load filling my mouth with its milky saltyness I flipped myself ova so he could see it in my now open mouth as I swirled my tongue in it n swallowed it bit by bit, licking my lips n wiping it off my face licking my fingers to taste the last drops. As we approached the ferry port I pulled on some clothes haphazardly n when we drove onto the ferry we all climed out my skirt tucked up at the back showing my bare sticky ass, one of the girls came ova to help me sort it out sticking a couple if fingers up my ass to get a taste in the process, we kissed n I sucked on her tits a while before we proceeded to deck. I wandered around a while n decided to see what I could find, I went through a door and down some narrow stairs, the others had gone to get a drink, a guy came up to me, about late 40's, "you shouldn't be here" he said "oh sorry, I got a bit lost" I replied. He called the young lad over he seemed to be in training and asked him to escort me back to the passenger areas. I followed him n asked what was behind every door, when we came across the store room I tried to open the door to have a look but it was locked, eventually we got back to the passenger area, I tripped over the door on the way out, the young lad helped me up n blushed, I realised my tit was fully visible as my top had moved, he stared at me n let go of my arm not sure what to do next, I took his hand n put it on my tit, he stared, not moving unsure of the invitation, I moved towards him enjoying his innocence, I exposed my other tit n he moved his hand across n massaged this one himself, I moved closer n leaned my face in beside his n whispered in his ear asking if there was anywhere we could go, rubbing his bulging crotch, he took my hand n led me back through the door and turned a corner, then into the first aid room. I took off my top n dropped my skirt n stood there naked in front of him, a different glint appeared in his eye he pressed himself against me n kissed me hard his hands against my back n bum, he lifted my leg n ran his fingers up my thigh n still close to me rubbed my clit pushing a couple of fingers inside my pussy. I undid his trousers n let them fall, he pulled his cock out n lifted my leg again, his cock sprang up against my pussy n he rubbed back n forth a couple of times before using his hand to guide himself into my pussy, he moaned with pleasure, as his cock went in deep, n he thrust in n out, over n over steadying himself against the wall n holding my leg up with the other hand, I had my arms wrapped around him, hands on his ass pulling him towards me encouraging him to thrust deeper, he kept going n going so deep my clit banging into him with every stroke, I was breathing heavily dragging his pelvis towards me he was thrusting nice n hard, I almost collapsed as I experienced a quivering orgasm but he held onto me a, few more strokes of my quivering n I felt his cum spurt into me strongly, we hung onto each other a few moments, his cock still in me, then he pulled out slowly n cum poured down my legs, it was a bumper load n I couldn't help reaching down to get some on my fingers to taste it. He stared at me n asked if he could have my number, I told him I didn't want to as it made things complicated but scrawled my address on a piece of paper telling him to pop round if he ever wanted a fuck. He kissed me n picked up my clothes handing them back to me n pulling up his trousers, we left th room n he escorted me back to the passenger area his hand on my ass under my skirt. Then he left and I went to find my friends, I found them in the cafe area, the second guy looked at me knowingly "you filthy slut" he said as he saw the cum all over my glistening legs, "u need to clean urself up" "want to help" I asked n we headed off to the toilets together, both squeezing into a tiny cubicle, he bent down n licked cum from my legs n pussy enjoying the taste, eventually he stood up n kissed me, his salty lips turning me on again, he sat on the toilet n released his cock, I went down on him sucking it looking up at him, enjoying his expressions, I kept sucking moving up n down "not this time you filthy whore" he said n encouraged me to sit on his lap, his cock disappearing inside my cum filled pussy, he pulled my top open at the front placing his hands on my tits gently so my nipples brushed his palms as I bounced, we kept going he moved his hands down to my waist n pulled me down onto him hard n rough as he thrusted slightly n soon filled me more. After I stood up i leaned forward so he could lick my pussy clean again before we left n he obliged greedily. We headed back to the others just as the ferry was docking n found the car waiting to get off the ferry into france. I woke up about an hour later to my pussy being licked n sucked by the 2 girls "we're here" they informed me "thanks, nice wake up call" we headed into the hostel grabbing our bags n checked in, we were in a dorm that could sleep 10 people but it looked like there were only 3 others staying there. We claimed our beds n the others decided to head out to explore, I said I would stay here n have a little sleep as I was tired from the journey. They left n I fell asleep for a hour or so, I woke up feeling horny I slipped out of my skirt n top n rubbed my tits sqeezing my nipples between my fingers, allowing one hand to wander down to my pussy, dipping into my wet sticky holes n rubbin my clit. I heard a noise n looked through the open door n down the corridor as a guy came up the stairs wearing a towel heading for the shower, he stared at me n said something to me I didn't understand, it sounded french. I waved him towards me n he came, he spoke to me again but I just shook my head, I pulled on the towel n it dropped, I looked at him, n started rubbing myself again n running a foot up his leg stroking his leg gently until I touched his rising cock which sprung up even further. This dispelled any doubts he might have had n he, lunged towards me, I slipped to one side n slapped his ass as he fell, he came towards me again n I let him kiss me as I stroked his cock, I looked at him again n ran out of the room daring him to chase me, he toot the hint, n chased me, I ran down the stairs n into the kitchen, he followed me n grabbed me from behind n bent me over the kitchen work surface, he rammed his cock into my pussy holding me down on the surface n pounded me hard, one of the guys who I was there with walked in n took a quick pic knowing I would want it, n the french guy slammed his cock into me my tits rubbing on the work surface, a few more strokes n he blew groaning his relief n speaking in french to me, he let me up n we left heading back to the room, he collected his towel n left for his shower, I joined him n this time he fucked my ass as the water flowed over us. When I went back to the room the 2 guys were there sucking each others cocks, I couldn't resist, "room for one more" I asked, they didn't hesitate to invite me to join them, I laid on the bed, one of them kneeled by my head n I reached for his cock n took it in my mouth while the other eashed himself between my legs he licked the frenchmans cum in my pussy n then eased his cock in thrusting already, they were both already close to cumming n it didn't take long before I had 2 more loads in my pussy n mouth, they both stood in front of me afta with their cocks ona level with my face n I held then n sucked each of them gently so they were clean n hardening again n then they took turns to suck me clean, I sat back then n played with myself in front of them as they fucked each others asses, stinking my fingers up the spar ass hole n licking when I got a chance enjoying the second one more cos it was oozing cum. The girls arrived back soon after as we were laid in a naked heap together n said they'd found a good club that was supposed to be the best in town so we all got ready n headed out, stopping briefly to eat before we got there. The girls had been right, the club was awesome, we danced n drank n had a great time, I met another french guy, this one could speak english n asked me if I wanted to fuck n of course I accepted. We headed ouside n he pulled me to an area by the side of the club it was all concrete near where they kept their bins he stripped me n I did the same to him, he lowered me down to the floor n got down on top of me, he kissed me n breathed on my neck as he entered me n then rose up n proceeded to fuck me gripping both my breasts, we could hear crowds pouring out of the club n I could see people passing by from my position which just turned me on even more, he finished n one of the girls who'd taken the pic for me sucked his cock clean as I pulled on my clothes then licked the cum from my pussy, kissing me after to share the taste, a couple came up to ...
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