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the park

sexploit 14 - The Park (c)

I'd gone to meet a guy in regents park by the boat house cafe, I arrived wearing a tiny skirt n my favourite top that only just covered my tits, a guy strode towards me n said "hello slut" he pulled my top to the sides n felt my tits, n I reached down n rubbed his cock through his trousers, "you are a dirty one aren't u" he said, I nodded, n he kissed me my tits still on display n led me down the side of the cafe out of site, he undid his trousers immediately n I lifted my skirt revealing my bare pussy, he moved in towards me n rubbed his cock on my pussy, wetting the end with pussy juice n I lifted one leg as he shoved his cock in me with a pleased expression on his face. We had a quick fuck n it didn't take long for him to cum, he pulled out n his cum dribbled down my leg, I reached down for a taste n then bent n took his cock in my mouth to taste some more n clean him up. It was dark n I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place for some more, he didn't hesitate to accept. We headed through the park n I pushed him down on a bench, letting my top drop from my shoulders so it was hanging around my waist, he reached for my tits again as I sat astride him n then got up n unfastened his trousers again bending down in front of him to suck his cock some more, he moaned as I sucked his whole cock n massaged his balls, suddenly he was on the verge of cumming again, he got up grabbing me roughly n making me kneel on the bench my arms resting on the back of it, with a hand on my shoulder as if to hold me there, he rubbed his cock against my wet cum filled pussy n dipped it in again, a couple of strokes n then withdrew n rubbed my stretched ass hole with his wet cock before jamming it in hard, he pumped it in n out with one hand still gripping my shoulder n the other wrapped in my hair pulling my head back, I squeezed his thick cock with my internal ass muscles n he blew his load "you dirty fucking whore" he said, as he turned me around n shoved his cock in my mouth for more cleaning. Then he sat down n sat me astride him rubbing my tits n sucking my nipples, after a while we stood up, cum running down my legs, we headed back to my place me not bothering to put my top back on properly my tits on full display, he put his arm around me letting one hand rest on my tit, squeezing it n playing with the nipple, half way back to my place we he stopped n turned me slightly towards him lifting my skirt to finger my pussy sticking his fingers deep inside n then reaching back up to. Rub our combined juices all ova my bare tits then suck them clean, I leaned my head back n felt his hard cock against my pussy again, I rubbed myself along its length n he guided himself into me again this time it took him a while longer to cum n we ground ourselves together me half naked right there in the street, holding onto each other for balance n moving together simultaneously. He blew his load again, n held me close my tits pressed against his chest n then he let me go as he pulled his cock out of me, my skirt was high on my waist my pussy n ass clearly visible n my top still hanging off me, tits still bare, we walked the last few meters to my place n went in, I stripped off my clothes completely n left them where they fell. We spent the entire night fucking, inbetween I played with myself in front of him or sucked his cock hard again. The next day I found out that this guy was just a random guy who happened to find me n not the guy I'd arranged to meet, oops.

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