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Mom Seduced me

My story

By Jack
Hey i am jack from USA. This is my real story. In my life, i had sex with my lovely and beautiful own mum 'Luciana'. I dont want to waste your time so let me tell my story.
Luciana is the name of my beautiful mum. She is cute and sexy with her brilliant size, sparking face, long blonde hair, tight-fat ass and lovely voice. She has only one child i.e me. Dad gave her divorce on the occasion of their 18th annual marriage anniversary. That time i was only 17 yrs old and i love my mum to much than dad. Because dad is too busy in his work and he isnt able to pay time for his family. Mum and dad had some misunderstanding then it continued on. One day my mum told dad that she want divorce. I suggest my mum thats not good for our future, i also told her without dad we will not satisfied. But mum ignored me then it was happened. Dad gave her divorce.
After a year i saw my mum too upset. That time she was 39 yrs and me 18 yrs. She knew that dad got marriage with his secretery. Mum felt so lonely. She always told me that now i was everything for her she mean i am all of her life. I never thought that i will fuck my own lovely mum luciana, in home. But it happened in my summer vacation. One day when i was bathing mum helped me to wash my backwards in bathtube. I was in only panty. First it was normal but later i saw my mum face was going red and her face was dry. After some time she told " jack you were right, i was wrong" mum felt regret about her divorce but how she felt regret later i know. She caught my head and said "jack you are my life now" i said" sure mum" then she kissed in my cheek. She also came in tube. Then my mum said "i was wrong son, please help me" she collapsed my head by her arm and cry. I really shocked. It wasn't well place for hugging and kissing such in bath tube. She also knew. It was crazy hugging by mum. But i felt amazing sensation. When mum told me with her wetty eyes and in her shobbing voice " son, i want love from you like ur dad. Ur face same to him. Please love me.." its hard to believe that my cute mum ask me for loving her by being dad. But my heart really enjoyed it. Then i said unconsciously " mum i am with you. I always love you." and i kissed my mum smoochly. later on my mum took my cock in her hand and played with her hand. I kissed her. She pulled my panty off. Later she opened her pink lips of her mouth for my 6"cock. Its so lovely.
Its really heaven to see own cock in the pink lips of mouth of own beautiful mum. I excited recently and i also gave some pushes in her mouth. I felt uncouncious then i pulled out my cock and searched for mum's pussy. Mum helped me. She pulled off her maxi and panty and ready for me by being naked. She made position in the edge of bath tube. She opened her legs. Then I saw her unshaved wonderful pussy. It was like blooming flower. My cock was like iron and it was interested in mum's pussy.It isn't hard for me to enter in her pussy cause she gave birth me. But the one year gappness of sex my mum's pussy is little going tight and warm. I really enjoyed. I had her boobs in my hand and her lips in my mouth. I also gave stroke continously in her pussy. Oh my god i really felt heaven and forgot myself.After one min my mum screamed like crazy and whispered rapidly" oi uh my son. Jack push me uh uh push me yes yes more more ya like ur dad oh ya ya" i also felt heaven i said" mum u r mine oh oh uh luciana , luciana" i called her by name and fuck like a bull. I have many experienced with ladies even some virgin too. But it was the best sex forever for me with mum in my life. Its really fun to fuck her. I fucked her more and more and fastly. Last i cummed out in mum pussy. I said" oh mum oh sorry, i am cumming oh darling" we both really enjoyed. Still 5 min we hugged each other and kissed. My mum told me" son never leave me. U have bigger cock than ur papa for ur mum" i told " no mum i love you so i must perfect for u i luv u more than papa." i bit her ear and whispered" I never leave you mum" later on we fucked in bed. Since that time we shared 1 bed and fucked atleast 2 time in 1 night. Now we have a child. But i called him bro. We spent our days like husband and wife in home. I called my mum"luciana my sweet heart and darling" mum also enjoyed this sound. But in society i respect her like a mum. I planned" i never marriage someone else until my mum with me"The End. 18/june/2010

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