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life around October 2008

Thursday, 23. October 2008, 20:07

My life is full of drama, and sometimes is so uncertain that it can't be predicted what will be happened in the next minute, not even by myself who knows me better that any other person knows. There were so many peculiar incidences happened to me that every where I was branded as an arrogant & eccentric person. But did you ever think that what must be reasons behind the fact that in spite of very good academic records and a high learning ability still I was lagging behind most of my friends... and this time I felt that this apparent obstacle on the road to my success must be analyzed well so that any future attack of the same nature can be dealt and handled very dexterously to ensure my smooth sailing on the river of Life

When I came back from Durgapur to Lumding I was ailing from mal-nourishment during my long stints in Silchar as well as Durgapur.... I was in fact severely broken my confidence level and it was very confusing to choose what to do next......? .........My last exam of the last semester was not very good in fact I can tell now that based upon my semester exams it was really impossible to get a degree. but I knew that it's India and in India Miracles happen at a regular interval, although in my case nothing of that sorts had happened and I got supplement in my last exams of Operation Research and Industrial Engg and the subject was taught to us by Prof. D. K. Paul. He was a very good teacher but due to of my callousness neither I had any notes nor I had book that covers the syllabus in its entirety......but none of my friend could be able to send me a message, and When did I get the news of my supplement, not only the date of the form fill-up was over but the exam itself was over and thus I get My first back paper in my life and incidentally that was my last exam till as I was in Final year a back actually was the ticket of the year back and I got the year back too.......... .........I cleared that exam in thew next year that is in 1998 and my marks surged from mere 27 to 81 in 1998....thus I got my B.Tech degree from REC Durgapur.

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bg valentinesday small

Monday, 29. September 2008, 23:27 "To me, Life is nothing but an extreme illusion. Many Eastern Philosophies always stressed upon this Illusion." I am a biased person! Yes, its right, cent percent right! I 'm biased to me and everything that has a direct or indirect touch of me! He.he..he..that's me at my best. So what are the basic drives of me? The basic and primal instincts that made me impulsive sometimes. What are those things that shaped my life from soft mold of childhood? Can I define myself ever? May be or may be not! But it's a sincere try to explore the deeper domains of my existence. Let's hope I would justify my efforts to attain a stable state of Mind. For every person who breathes, life has a certain meaning other than to just live. Almost majority of us desire to have a future that they have dreamt for them, but when we could not do justice to our effort.

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