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Final Fantasy iv character descriptions

Prologue: One born of a dragon, bearing darkness and light, shall rise to the heavens over the still land. Bathing the moon in eternal light, he brings a promise to Mother Earth with county and grace. From the ´Legend of Mysidia´

Cecil (Dark knight):
The main character of the game, commander of baron kingdom´s fleet of military airships, the Red Wings. At the kings command, he masteres the dark sword, which embodies the power of darkness. He maintains his humanity, however, and as a dark knight he will not accept Rosa´s affection. But no one could ever understand the pain and suffering masked beneath his helmet.

Kain (Dragoon):
Cecil´s rival and best friend, who specialises in fighting from the air. Kain comes from a long line of dragoons and is the master of the spear. In Baron, were most of the soldiers are pressured to master the dark sword, he shuns the path of dark knight and instead chooses to continue the long line of dragoons. Aloof but compassionate, Kain is a proud warrior who secretly has feelings for Rosa.

Rosa (White mage):
Childhood friend of Cecil and Kain, and the heroine of the story. She follows in the footsteps of her mother, who once fought for Baron as a white mage. As her mother did for her father, Rosa studies white magic to mainly help Cecil. Although she can be reserved at times, Rosa has a strong will and an adamant site to her that surprises even Cecil.

Rydia (Summoner):
A girl who once lived in the peacefull summoners village with here mother until Kain and Cecil turned up and the village was burnt using a mysterious item. Like her mother, she has the magical ability to summon powerful creatures, and can cast black magic and white magic spells. Her honest, cheerful, and courageous personality lifts the party´s spirits when the going gets rough.

Cid (Engineer):
Barons chief airship engineer and a proud father to Rosa, he loves the skies and being around young people. Since he has only one daughter, he treats Cecil like his own son.

Edward (Bard):
The prince of the desert kingdom of Damcyan. He despises his royal statues and prefers to live in the freedom as a wondering bard. An attractive young man filled with sadness, his appearance reflects his gentle personality. His soft-heartedness, which stems from his benevolent nature, may be his downfal.

Tellah (Sage):
A powerful said, renowned even among the highest mages. He controlled powerful magic when he was younger, but his magic powers have faded due to old age and loss of memory. He seems unfriendly, but he is a man of principles. Tellah has a mysterious connection to the mage kingdom of Mysidia.

Yang (Monk):
Leader of the monks of Fabul. Like many monks, he is polite and taciturn. Beneath his serene exterior kids an invincible soul. He user his trademark elemental claws to decimate his opponents. Rumour has it that his skills are second to none and he has never been defeated.

Edge (Ninja):
A Prince of the Eblan royal family, which has passed down the secrets and trodgui of ninjutsu for generations. A confident and often crash man, he acts recklessly at times, but he can also be the most affable and comedic.

Fusoya (?):
A mysterious individual the characters encounter during thier journey. A very mysterious character that lives in the shadows and lives in the past.

Palom (Black mage) and Porom (White mage):
Apprentice maids who live in the maid kingdom of Mysidia. Palom studies to be a black mage, while Porom aspires to be a white mage, ant under the guide of thier town elder. They are twins and when they combin thier magic they become very powerful.

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