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Final Fantasy vi character descriptions

Prologue: The was of the magi. Many centuries have passed since the war. Civilisations have rebuilt with iron, machines and technology. For years the Espers have existed only a ancient legends. Now an Esper has been discovered and the forces of magic are beginning to return. The risk of another, more devastating war is about to surface.

Locke is a mastered ´treasure hunter´ who searches the world for the greatest treasures. Locke has a secret past that involves a girl but not much is known about that. Locke is a brave member of the group and once he makes a promise, he will never break it.

The leader of the Moggles. Not much is known about these creatures except that they help people in the time of need.

Born of an Esper and a human she has the power of magic and transformation. Even the simplest spells she chants can wipe out whole armys, but she only wants to use her magic for good. All she wants to find out is, what is love? How will she know when she feels it? Terra is kind and careing even though she has a burden on her shoulders, the fate of the earth.

As the coin chose his path of freedom, he went to a mountain east of his home to study the arts of becoming a ninja with the famous ninja Duncan. Sabin is the comedian of the group and hes a bit to brave for his own boots.

Edgar is the king of the desert castle that can travel under ground. His mother and father died and the only person he has left as family is his brother, Sabin. When they had to decide who was going to be king, they fliped a coin which left edgar as king and Sabin had his freedom. Edgar is a strong, brave and smart member of the party.

Before Kefas attack on his home, which killed everyone in the castle including his wife and child, Cyan was one of the kings most important and strongest knights. Cyan is polite and has great dignity towards others but he can never seem to express his feelings properly.

Gau is a very lonely child who lives with the animals in the large area of the Veldt. Since his mother died and his father went crazy, he had to fend for himself. He is a strange member of the team who is childish which is obvious and irrasponsible but he has a heart of gold.

The best pilot in the world and an adicted gambal and the only person in the world with an airship. He joined the party when they tricked him into letting them use his airship. He may be old but he is still intelligent and strong.

Strago was a powerfull blue mage who can control the power of black magic and white magic spells, but due to old age his power has faded. he is a proud uncle to Relm. He is a responsable but arragant at times.

The mysterious man of final fantasy six who would slit his mums throught for a nickle. The party meets him at times on there journey but he leaves suddenly without notice. He may be cruel and hard on the exteriour but on the inside he seems broken but there is a faint ray of kindness in his heart.

She was once an important commander of the empire, until she disagreed with the doings of the empire and escaped and joined the resistance group against the empire. Not much is know about her but she seems to have the power of magic which is a mysterious.

A kind and innocent young girl. She has a love for drawing and can capture the true spirit of any person, landscape or creature. She lives with her uncle since her father and mother mysteriously disappered. She brings happyness wherever she is.

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