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Final Fantasy ix character descriptions

Zidane Tribal:

´You don´t need a reason to help people.´

Zidane is the main character of final fantasy mine. He has an unknown past being an orphan taken in by a gang of thiefs. He has grace and always stays true to his word, ecpesaly to young princess.

Vivi Ornitier:

´How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don´t exist......´

Vivi is a sweet and innocent black mage who has spent his whole life in vain, not really knowing who he is and what he is. Finding out that he only has a few years to live until he ´stop moving´ he tries to get the best out of his life with the help of his friends.

Adelbret Steiner:

´Having sworn feality, must i spend my life in servitude?´

Throughout his life Steiner has lived his life by rules and loyalty to the queen. His job, since she was young, is to look after Garnet through thick and thin. He tries to do the best by her but at times he does not succeed. At times he seems dumb but he is always loyal and braveto queen, country and Garnet.

Garnet Til Alexandros 17th:

´Someday i will be queen, but i will always be myself.´

Garnet is the damsal in the story of final fantasy nine, harmfu has a mysterious part and she is an adopted princess who only has a one memory of her part, a dream. Garnet tries to be normal but finds it very hard. He honesty and innocentce give her an appel to the men, especially Zidane.

Amarant Coral:

´The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty´

Aramount is the mystoiery guy of final fantasy nine. Not much is knowen about him except that he´s an ecscaped criminal on the run. His tough exterioer may make him seem rough and selfish but he care even if he doesnt show it.

Freya Crescent:

´To be forgotten is worse than death.´

After searching for her long lost love, Freya finaly settled down but there was always that feeling that he was alive. Freya is one of the bravest dragon knigus in the the land. Using only her spear she can play even the toughest beast. Freya is the polite and most logical member of the group, acting on brains rather than impulse.

Quina Quen:

´I do what i want! You have problem!?´

One of the greatest chef´s in the land, Quina´s aim in life is to taste the nicest food and that is the reason it joined Zidane and friends on there travels around the world. Quina´s sex is never detemand in the game, is it a she or a he?

Eiko Carol:

´I dont wanna be alone anymore...´

Eiko is the only summoner left in the summoner village of Maiden Sari. Through out her life she has only had the company of Moogles but now she wants to be with someone. She is light hearted and rude but she is still a valued member of the group.

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