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FFvi Tips and Cheats

Easy Kill:
To destroy most enemys, and some bosses, cast vanish on them and then cast x-zone and the should instantly die, pretty nifty trick.

Easy Exp:
Before the Lete river on the raft set your cursor configuration to memory. Get on the raft until you see the point where if you go up you circle and come back to the same spot. Enter battle and have edgar, sabin and terra attack and baron user health. If you set your turbo controler to this you can leave it and they will get there levels up automaticly.

The economizer reduces magic costs to one mp per a spell, thats why its so hard to get. There are three places to get it: 1) Go to the phoenix cave locke in one of your partys and stealk from Apuila (a flye bird thing) and you Should eventualy get it after a while. 2) go to the forest east of gau´s house and fight a bronchiosaur and he might drop it. 3) Go to the colissem and bet a gem, defeat the monster and you should get it.

Here is where you find all of your characters in the world of ruins:

Complet the phonixs cave and he will join you, you must have the airship and it is advisable to have the rest of the characters.
He´s in the first town you go to holding up a house.
You will met a man called Gerad, just follow him every where and you will eventualy get to edgars castle where he will revel himself, fight the tentacles and he´s yours.
Easy, just go to tge town of Kohlingen and keep talking to him.
Go to zozo with the rust rid and use it on the rusted door which takes you to mount zozo, make your way up and at the top should be cyan.
As the first time you got him, take three people to the veldt and fight battles until he turns up.
First saves her in a cave in the veldt and you will go back to her house. She will later escape and go to owzer´s gallery. Make your way through and defeat chadarnook.
After you get relm back, go to the tower of fanatics with relm in your party, talk to strago and he will join you party again.
On your second trip to Mobliz, you will fight Ruinbaba and after that she will join you.
Before the floating island is destroyed and your party gets to the airship, it will ask you if you want to wait for shadow, wait for him and in four seconds he will show up and you automaticly escape. Later on you will find him in the cave you usually find relm, you will betaken back to relm but he will leave. Go to the colosseum and bet the weapon you found in the veldt cave, you fight him and when he is defeated joins you.

Secret Characters:

To get mog in the world of ruins go to the moggle cavern and talk to him, and he will join you. To get him in the good world go to Narshe after you´ve got terra from zozo. Go to the house with all of the treasure and lone wolf will steal some treasure from the chest you can not open, follow him up to the esper and he will threaten to throw mog of of the cliff, but the esper knocks both of them of, you can save mog and he will join your party.
In the world of ruins, go to the triangl island and let zone eater suck up your party, there you will find Gogo.
To get Umaro go to Narshe in the world of ruins, them go to where the esper tritoch is. Fight the esper for his powers, part of the mountain falls down and a hole will be visable. Go down it and you will enter a maze, make your way through it to the esper terrato, some magecite and Umaro, if you have mog in your party he will join you.

Genji Gloves:
To get the Genji gloves at the returners base, go outside and he will say all that crap about saveing the world, say no and you will go inside, do this two more times and he will send you inside and the injured man will come, you will then get the Genji gloves.

Moggle Charm:
To get the moggle charm, after you have recived moggle as a new party member, search the wall he stands in front of to get it. The charm stops you getting attacked by invisable monsters.

Paladin Shield:
To earn the paladin shield, you must get the cursed shield from the old man in Narshe after you have the falcon airship, equipt it and fight 255 battles to get the shield.

Rename Card:
To get the rename card, in to the colosseum and be a elixir. If you defeat a cactor you will get the rename card. If you dont want it you can bet it for the mytecal marvel shoes but in order to get it you must fight the doom dragon, good luck.

Stargo´s Lores:
To get all of Stargo´s Lores, go to Kefkas tower and fight the dark fource, he uses all of the lores you can learn so wait a while for him to use them all.

Ragnork Sword or Ultima Stone:
First get locke from the phonixs cave and you must go straight to Narshe with locke in your party. Go to the weapon shop and locke will open the door. Make your way to the back room and talk to the guy. He will either give you the ragnork sword or a ultima stone.

Relic Combos:
Economiser and Gembox: Casts two spells for as little as two mp.
Offering and Genji Gloves: The character will attack a masive eight times.
Offering and Thief Glove on Locke: When he mugs he will steal and attack four times.

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