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FFvii Tips and Cheats

Here are some hints and kinda cheats for final fantasy 7. They all work but im not sure about the tiny bronko one.

Unlimited Gil: Go to Aeris house in the slums. Go up to the clock in the corner and press Cross to recive a card. Use it until you have 0 gil. Go up to the clock again and press Cross and you should recive unlimited gil.

Midral Snake: There is another way to get past the snake without fighting it or useing a chocobo. First wait until the snake is in the far corner and run towards the other side. When it is just about to touch you, enter the menu and save then soft reset. Load the game and the snake should be in the far corner and you can just walk to the cave.

Fast Chocobo: To make a chocobo faster and not lose its stamina in the races press: L1, L2, R1, R2.

Clouds Flash Back: After cloud has been saved from the life stream in disc 3. Go to the libary in nibelhem to see flashbacks of how cloud became a soldier and got his big sword. Also if you go to the labratore and go up to the glass blockes and you will see how cloud came to midga and how zac died.

Chosen By Don: To be chosen by don at wall market follow these steps: 1) the first time you go to wall market find the dress maker and ask for a ´soft´ and ´shimmering´ dress to get the silk dress. 2) get the digestive from the pharmacy and give it to the woman with bowel trobles to get the sexy cologne. 3) beat big bro at squats to recive the blonde wig. 4) get the man in the materia shop the most expensive item from the vending machhne in the inn. He will give you jhe dimond tiara. 5) get changed and go to dons and he should chose cloud.

2 Mega All Materias: On disc three, go to the north creater. When you are asked to split up and explore the two ways. Tell cloud to go right and the rest of the party go left. Get all of the items from both ways and go and meet the rest of your party. Talk to vincint and if you have all of the items in the cave,he will give the materia.

Duplicate items: This trick requires the W-item Materia which is obtained after your party parachutes back into Midgar while playing Disc 3. After entering the subway tunnels in Sector 8, go towards the screen and you´ll soon come to a dead-end with the W-item Materia.Equip the Materia on the character with the item you wish to duplicated. When a battle begins, select the W-item entry on the battle menu then select an unimportant item and use it on any character. On the second item choice, select the item to be duplicated by pressing circle then pressing X to cancel your selection and increase the number of that item in your inventory.Repeatedly press Circle followed by X to continually duplicatethat item.

Easy Battle Square handicaps: Rapidly press Square during the ´slot machine´ handicap sequence in the Battle Square section at Gold Saucer. This will slow theslots down, allowing you to choose an easier handicap. this trick will also work during Cait Sith´s Limit Breaks.

Tetra Elementals: Due south of Cosmo Canyon, there is a small island composed of mostly
sand. The only creatures on this island are small Cactus men. Equip the
Morph materia on someone in your party and put a Manipulate materia on a
different person. When you enter battle, manipulate the Cactus man and
make him do 1000 Needles to himself 5 times. He has 6000 life, so this
will bring him down to 1000. Have someone with a very high hit % bring
him down to a fairly low HP level. Then use Morph. If successfully
morphed, the Cactus man will turn into a Tetra Elemental. This is one of
the most useful items in the game. Repeat for multiple Tetra Elementals.

Getting the Knights of the Round: First you will need a good chocobo and a great chocobo race them until they reach rank A the great chocobo can be found at the mideel area and the good chocobo can be found on the golden saucer area mate them with carob nut then when you haved mate them you should have a green and blue chocobo reach them in rank A then mate them again with a carob nut the carob nut could be found at the icicle area at the grass part where you fight the dragon the small dragon then when you haved mated them you should get a black chocobo then mate the black chocobo with a wonderful chocobo they should be rank A the wonderful chocobo can be found at the icicle area then mate them with a zeio nut the zeio nut can be found at the goblin island at the upper right then go to the woods and you shall fight a goblin then the zeio nut would be yours after that get the gold chocobo ride it through the ocean to the upper right then you shall see a round island then go inside in the hole then you shall see a light press the action near it you shall have the extreme summon monsters

How To Exchange the Highwind for the Tiny Bronco: First you need to get the item Super Sweeper from the rollercoaster game in the Gold Saucer. NOTE: YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE CLOUD FOR THE LIMITED TIME! Go to Fort Condor, and give the Super Sweeper to the old man there. He will then give you the Tiny Bronco. NOTE: THE TINY BRONCO DOES FLY!

Keep aries instead of tifa: To keep aries in the game and tifa dies be horrible to tifa, eg in midgar when you get a chance to give a flower to her, give it to some one else. Note this will screw up your game but its still cool.

Ultimate weapons and limit breaks:

Cloud: weapon: ultimate weapon, defeat ultimate weapon to get this sword. Limate: Omislash, win 64´000 battle points and exchange it for the limite break.

Tifa: Weapon: Premium heart, use the key found in bone village to open the machine in wall market. Limit break: Final heaven, use tifa to play a tune on the piano in Nibelheim.

Vincent: Weapon: Death Penalty, after visting Lucretia´s cave in disc 2, visit it on disc 3. Limit Break: Chaos, after visting Lucretia´s cave on disc 2, vist it again on disc 3.

Cait Sith: Weapon: HP Shout: open the locker on level 64 during your second visit to Shinra tower. Limit Break: Cait Sith does not have a level four limit break.

Red xiii: Weapon: Limited Moon, take Bugenhagen to the city of the ancients, then return to Cosmo Canyon. Use Red xiii to talk to Bugenhagen. He will then hand it over. Limit Break: Cosmo Memory, Defeat the lost number in Shinra Mansion.

Barret: Weapon: Missing score, look on the stairs on your second visit to Shinra Tower. Limit Break: Catastrophe, After the train incident, talk to the woman in the tent on the edge of North Coral.

Yuffie: Weapon: Conformer, hidden in the crashed plane. Limit break: All creation, knock out all of the guardians in the temple of five winds.

Cid: Weapon: Venus gospel, when the rocket has been launched, keep tallking to the old guy outside the shop in rocket town. He will eventually give you the weapon. Limit break: Highwind, it is hidden in the cargo hold of the crashed plane.

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