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FFvii Chocobo´s, Hidden Materia and Kalm Traveler

Chocobo Breeding:
Probaly the harshert part of the game involves breeding Chocobo´s. Talk to Chocobo Billy and the Chocobo´s sage to get all the information about breeding these pesky critters.
To begin your breeding program, sent at least six stalls on Billy´s ranch. Go to the area around the hold saucer and capture a good Chocobo. Them proceed to pocket town or Mideel and capture a great Chocobo. Take there two beasts to the hold saucer. Feed and race them until they have reached S class, with maximum stats. Return to the ranch and breed the good and great Chocobo together, using a Carob Nut. You should get a green or blue Chocobo. If not keep trying. Breed one of each of the blue and green Chocobo´s. Build up there stats and get them to S class. When they are old enough breed the blue and green birds, together with a carbo nut. With a bit of luck you should get a black Chocobo.
Now the real task begins. Head for the north pole. Explore the footprints around the icicle inn, to try and capture a wonderful Chocobo. Once you have, take it and the black Chocobo to the hold saucer and race them to S class and full stats. When they are ready, breed them together with a Zeio nut. If the goes smile on you, you´ll be the proud owner of the fabled hold Chocobo. With the hold Chocobo at the ready, yo can access remote areas of the map. There are four areas that contain special materia:

Hidden Materia:

Knights Cave:
Northeast of the Zeio Nut island is a place that can only be accessed using a gold Chocobo. Enter the cave on the island to find the legendary knights of the round materia.
Wutai Cave:
Ride your Chocobo over the mountains, to the east of Wutai Village. Wander sound the mountains until you find the cave. Inside is the mine materia.
Mount Corel Cave:
North of mount Cordl entrance is a cave surrounded by same dunes. Enter the cave to get HP to MP materia.
Mideel Cave:
East of Chocobo Billy´s Ranch is a small sunny island. Use the hold Chocobo to reach the cave situated there. It contains the Quadra Magic materia.

Kalm Traveller:
For a simple travelling gypsy, this guy has a load of deadly magic weapons. To find him, go to Kalm town and search the top floor of the building on the right. At first he will be reluctant to help, but as soon as the meteor is about to come crashing down, he´ll change his tune.

Guide Book:
First he´ll ask the party for the guide book. This is located in the tunnel, leading to the submarine pens, below the underwater reactor. To get it you have to encounter a creature called Ghost Ship. Knock off most of his energy, then finish it of with the morph materia and it will turn into the guide book. Take it back to the traveler and he will give you the underwater materia which disables the time limit when you fight emerald weapon.
Desert Rose:
Get this item from defeating the Ruby Weapon. If you give it to the traveller he´ll give you his gold Chocobo.
Earth Harp:
Kill the emerald Weapon to get the Earth Harp. Return it to the traveler to get the master command, master summon, and the master magic materia.

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