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FFvii Materia Locations

Green Magic Materia:

Barrier: Rocket Town Store
Comet: City Of The Ancients
Contain: Mideel
Destruct: Shinra Mansion
Earth: Kalm Town Store
Exit: Rocket Town Store
Fire: Materia Store In Sector 7 Slums
Full Cure: Inside Item Store Of Cosmos Canyon
Gravity: Gi Cave
Heal: Kalm Town Store
Ice: Clouds Inventory, Many Stores
Bolt: Clouds Inventory, Many Stores
Mystify: Gongaga Store
Poison: Floor 67 Shinra Tower
Revive: Junon Store
Seal: Junon Store
Time: Gongaga Store
Transform: Corel Mountain Railway
Ultima: Corel Mountain, After Stopping The Train
Shield: Sephiroth´s Lair

Yellow Command Materia:

Added Cut: Great Glacier
Added Effect: Gi Cave
All: Fort Condor, Shinra Towers, Mount Nibel, Great Glacier
Counter: North Pole Crater
Deathblow: Fort Condor, Rocket Town, Gongaga
eathblow: Fort Condor, Rocket Town, Gongaga
Double Cut: Crashed Plane
Elemental: Shinra Towers, Mount Nibel
Enemy Skill: Shinra Tower, Chocobo Sage, Junon Harbour
Final Attack: Special Prize In The Battle Arena
HP Absorb: Wutai Village
Magic Counter: Gold Saucer
Master Command: Kalm Town, Cosmo Canyon
Mime: Wutai Village
Morph: Temple Of The Ancients
MP Absorb: Wutai Village
MP Turbo: North Pole Crater
Quadra Magic: Materia Cave (Mideel)
Sense: Midgar, Kalm Town
Slash: All Ancient Forest
Sneak Attack: Chocobo Races
Steal: Midgar, Kalm Town
Steal As Well: Da-Chao Fire Cave
Throw: Fort Condor, Rocket Town
W-Item: Midgar Underground (After Ultmate Weapon Attacks)
W-Magic: North Pole Crater
W-Summon: Battle Arena

Purple Independent Materia:

Chocobo Lure: Chocobo Billys Ranch
Counter Attack: Chocobo Racing Gift, Mount Nibel
Cover: Midgar, Wall Market
Enemy Away: Chocobo Raceing Gift
Enemy Lure: Gold Saucer
Exp Plus: Wonder Square
Gil Plus: Wonder Square
HP Plus: Junon Harbour, Mideel, Cosmo Canyon
HP/MP: Materia Cave (Corel Mountain)
Long Range: Mythril Mine
Luck Plus: Temple Of The Ancients
Magic Plus: City Of The Ancients
Mega All: North Pole Crater
MP Plus: Mideel, Cosmo Canyon
Pre Emptive: Battle Arena
Speed Plus: Battle Arena
Underwater: Kalm Traveler

Red Summon Materia:

Alexander: Gaeas Cave, North Pole
Bahumut: Temple Of The Ancients
Bahumut Zero: Give All Huge Materia To Bugenhagen
Chocobo Mog: Chocobo Billys Ranch
Hades: Underwater Crashed Plane
Ifrit: Jenova Birth
Kjata: Sleeping Forest
Knights Of The Round: Knights Island Cave
Leviathan: Wutai Village Tower
Neo Bahumut: North Pole Crator
Odin: Shinra Mansion
Phoenix: Fort Condor
Ramuh: Corel Prison
Shiva: Junon Harbour
Titan: Gongaga Village
Typhoon: Ancient Forest

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