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FFix Tips and Cheats

Here are some hints and cheats for final fantasy 9. They all work and have been tested by me.

Black jack mini-game: First, complete the game. Then wait for the Crystal Theme to play, then hit: R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, Cross, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square, then hit start after the noise to activate the blackjack mini game.

Ozma : This is final fantasy 9 ulitmate weapon. You may have to complete some side quests first. First, you must have a gold chocobo to get access to ChocoboÊ´s Air Garden. Go there and ride Choco to the back islet. When you examine the eidolon grave, Mene warns you about something dangerous there and you get a few chances to back out. So fight it when youÊÊ´re ready. You may need the Ultima weapon and Ragnarok. DonÊÊ´t forget to equip Antibody and Clear-Headed and armour that protects Shadow damage. Ozma is weak against wind an holy. Lastly, this boss got 4 great items to steal. I´m not going to spoil the fun but I tell you they´re very rare and worth the few turns spending to steal.

Final Fantasy 3 music: After returning to Gaia from Terra, purchase the Doga´s artifact and Une´s mirror from the auction in Treno. Go to Black Mage Village and speak to the Black Mage standing in front of the phonograph inside the inn. This causes the music to change to FFIII. This special music will continue till you leave the village.

Renaming Characters: Obtain a card called, Namingway Card, from Mario during the card tournament in Treno or inside Kuja´s room during the sequence in the Desert Palace. Take the card to Daguerreo (South-West of wind shrine where there a bridge leading into a cave in the mountains) and talk to the man roaming the library on the mid level. He will ask to see the card and then be inspired to raname your characters for you.

Frog Catching: The trick is to leave a male and a female frog in the pond. They will then reproduce to have more frogs for you to catch. By leaving the gold grog with the male and female frog, reproduction is faster. Also when you catch 99 frogs, Quale will challenge you to a battle and you can get the Gasto Fork.

Ultimate Weapons:
Vivi : mace of memoria by the left side of the stairs.

Freya: kain´s lance. at the right side of memorias entrance.

Quina: gastro fork. cath 99 frog and Quale will challenge you for a match, if you defeat Quale he will give you quinas best weapon.

Steiner´s excalibur 2: Just get to the terrace in memoria in 12 hours(from the beginning of the game) and search the platform for excalibur 2!

Steiner´s excalibur: Go to Treno and auction for the magical fingertip. Then, go to Daguerreo and talk to the old man on the highest level of the library(near the counter which offers rest). He will tell you his story then handing you the Excalibur.

Eiko+Dagger: tiger racket. if you have got any dead pepper, go to quan´s dwelling and use dead pepper in the window were vivi was found and you will find tiger racket in the treasure.

Aramount: rune claws. it´s in some where in memoria i don´t know where but it is there.

Eiko´s flute: In memoria, get to the place where a memory of Zidane´s shows Alexandria being destroyed. Head towards that direction of the castle. Then search the sides of the path. This will allow you to find the flute.

Zidane´s Ultima weapon: Play and complete the chocobo´s game . After this use dead pepper on where shimmering island used to be. You should be able to get the ultima weapon.

Morrids coffee: The three coffees for Morrid are in these locations:
MOCCHA COFFEE:Next to the restorative spring in South Gate where you see the Tantalus Crew in an ATE
KIRMAN COFFEE:In Eiko´s kitchen, Madain Sari
BURMAN COFFEE:In the card tournament section,go to Dali. Search the desk in the mayors house until the kid says ´zzz´. Then search the stove for the ´Mayors Key´. Use this on the door in the windmill and search the chest twice for some gil and the coffee.
Take the coffee to Morrid before you go to Terra and the ´Mini Prima-Vista´ will turn up in the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum. It will raise your treasure hunter rank. You can find out your rank by talking to the 4-armed man in Daguerreo.When you get to rank S he will give you the ´Rank S award´ key item.

Alternative endings: If you keep zeus hammer and or the Save the queen you will see a diffrent ending.

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