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FFx Weapon Locations

Here is where you can find the weapon and how to activate it for all of the final fantasy 10 caracters.

To start, head to the Calm Lands and obtain a chocobo from the stationary (ie,not moving) chocobo rider there. Ride to the south plateau near where you came in from Macalania Woods, and on the east side you should see a broken bridge and a chocobo feather on the ground. Press [x] near the chocobo feather, and your chocobo will fly to the plateau below it. Continue east to the Remiem Temple. Examine the sphere on the left side of the temple, then talk to the chocobo on the right to race the second chocobo on the left. If you make it to the center of the circular track quickly enough, you´ll be rewarded with the Cloudy Mirror.
To de-fog and charge your newly acquired magic mirror, talk to the mother and son at the entrance of Macalania Woods. Find the father at the campsite, speak to him, and he´ll run off to be reunited with his family. Go back to the entrance and speak with the mother and father again, and keep talking to them
until they mention their missing son. This may take 3 or 4 tries. After they
mention their son, head up the sparkly path to their left into the trees. Bear north at the first fork, where the son should allow you passage if you talked to his parents enough times. Show the Cloudy Mirror to the large ambrosia salad-looking plant, who´ll turn it into the Celestial Mirror.

Weapon location: Northwest corner of the Calm Lands, behind a mandala at the
bottom of a very narrow hidden trail. Win all four chocobo races, and the
person blocking the pathway will be gone. You _must_ have the Celestial Mirror
in your inventory to get the weapon, otherwise the guard will not move.
(There´s no point in going down the trail without the mirror anyway.) If you
won all of the races pre-mirror, and come back after obtaining it, simply win
all of the races again and immediately go to the path the guard was blocking.

Sun Crest location: Yevon Dome, in a treasure chest in the same area where you
fought Yunalesca. You may have to go up and down the stairs once or twice to
get the chest to appear. It´s on the left side of the screen, and blends in
with the wall.

Sun Sigil location: After you can control the airship, it´s a prize for
winning the fourth chocobo race against the other chocobo rider with a time of
better than 0:0:0. I have no advice on how to do this, other than use the other
rider as a shield if possible, use the D-pad and not the analogue control
stick, and grab balloons like mad. You need between 12 - 15 for a time of
0:0:0. In the Japanese FFX, there was a cheat that made the birds pass right
through you, and therefore this process very simple, but it seems to have been
taken out of the North American - and presumably PAL - release. So the moral of
this story is, practice practice practice, learn Japanese and import the game
so that you can cheat.
strategy of how to win this race.

Difficulty to Obtain: Medium difficulty, but not especially time-consuming.
Most people would argue that the hardest part are the last two chocobo races.

Weapon Location: In a chest at the Monster Arena to the east of the Calm
Lands, after collecting at least one of each monster from the Calm Lands.
Although you can find the chest before leaving the Calm Lands, you MUST have
the Celestial Mirror in your inventory to open it and therefore get the

Moon Crest location: Besaid Island beach, in a chest in a cove on the east side, only accessable by swimming. You can get this very early in the game.

Moon Sigil location: Defeat all of your Aeons at Remiem Temple, then preform the Farplane Sendoff for Belgemine. All of your Aeons means ALL of them, including the secret ones like Youjimbo, Anima, and the Magus Sisters.

Weapon Location: After you can control the airship, the bartender in Luca
Cafe will give this to you if you´ve won at least 5 Blitzball games. You MUST have the Celestial Mirror in your inventory to get the weapon.

Jupiter Crest location: Luca Stadium, in a locker in the Besaid Aurochs locker room. You can get this after you´ve finished everything you need to do in Luca for story purposes.

Jupiter Sigil location: After winning all four of Wakka´s Overdrives, this is a random grand prize in the Blitzball League game.

Weapon Location: In a sealed chest in the pool at Baaj Temple, hidden in a
corner on the opposite side of the pool from the doorway to Anima´s shrine. The chest will not appear until you´ve defeated Geosgaeno, and isn´t visible until you´re literally right on top of it, so dive deep and keep hitting the [X] button to search for the chest. You MUST have the Celestial Mirror in your
inventory to open the chest, and therefore get the weapon.

Venus Crest location: In a treasure chest that appears during your second
visit to the Farplane. You can get this after you´ve finished everything you need to do in Guadosalam for story purposes.

Venus Sigil location: Dodge the lightning at Thunder Plains 200 _consecutive_ times by pressing [X], then go back to Rin´s travel agency and examine the treasure chest out front. Do not save in between dodges or save the screen.

Weapon Location: At Thunder Plains, pray by pressing [square] at any 3 glowing Qactuar stones, then return to the south part of the plain and follow the Qactuar ghost to a wrecked tower. It´s on the right side of the screen,
embedded in the rock wall, equidistant from the north and south boundries of
the plain. Pray there. Although you can find the chest during your first visit to Thunder Plains, you cannot open it until you have the Celestial Mirror.

Saturn Crest location: Mt. Gagazet, in a treasure chest between the pillars
on the left, just past where you fought Seymour.

Saturn Sigil location: Macalania Woods butterfly-catching game, _after_
getting the airship. There are technically 3 different versions of this minigame, each at a different difficulty with different prizes: (1) upon first entering Macalania Woods, (2) after fighting the Spherimorph, and (3)after you can control the airship. To start the minigame, talk to the harp-playing demihuman near the entrance, then touch the blue butterfly. The object of the game is to touch all the blue butterflies in one area before time runs out. If you touch a red butterfly, you´ll automatically have to
fight a battle, and lose a few seconds.

Weapon Location: Behind a mandala at Mushroom Rock Road. At the bottom of the Calm Lands valley, at the opposite end of the crevasse from the Cave of the Stolen Fayth, take the Rusty Sword (key item) from the rocky alcove. Then go to Mushroom Rock Road and continue straight ahead north until you see a little green square on the area map. (Recall that earlier in the game, during Operation Mi´ihen, you were diverted to a west exit instead of allowed to venture north.) It´s the second left on the first screen of Mushroom Rock Road.The green square represents a floating mushroom stone, ride it up to a plateau,and stick the sword in the ground next to the statue of a warrior standing over a slain behemoth. The mandala will appear on the wall behind you. You MUST have
the Celestial Mirror in your inventory to get the weapon.

Mars Crest location: In a chest in the old part of Mi´ihen Highroad. To get
there, go north on Mi´ihen Highroad until you reach the entrance of Mushroom Rock Road, then hang a U-turn and go south.

Mars Sigil location: Unlock any combination of 10 Area Creations or Species Creations bosses at the Monster Arena to the east of the Calm Lands, and the trainer will give this to you. Area Creations are unlocked by capturing atleast one of each monster in a particular area, and Species Creations are unlocked by capturing several of each monster from a particular species - Bombs, Wolves, or Floating Eyeballs, for example. If this isn´t descriptive enough, see my Monster Arena FAQ for the exact conditions to unlock bosses.
And if the trainer doesn´t give the Mars Sigil to you, either a) keep
chatting with him until he does, or b) you didn´t unlock enough special bosses
- Original Creations do NOT count towards your total.

Weapon Location: In a sealed chest at the bottom of Mushroom Rock Road,
accessable by selecting Password on the airship,then inputting ´GODHAND´.
You MUST have the Celestial Mirror in your inventory to get the weapon.

Mercury Crest location: In a treasure chest in the fourth area (see below)
of Sanubia Desert, in an alcove to the northwest. If your area map is turned
on, you cannot miss this.

Mercury Sigil location: Sanubia Desert, in a treasure chest in the area protected by a sandstorm. To get rid of the sandstorm, you need to play a hide-and-seek minigame with the Cactuars after you can control the airship. (You can examine the Cactuar glyph during your first visit to Sanubia Desert, but again, you cannot play the minigame until you have the airship.) First, let´s get our bearings... Sanubia Desert is divided into four screens:

(1) The oasis with the save point.
(2) The winding path with the save point inside a tent.
(3) The huge open area with the ruins to the northwest and the save point next to the large Al Bhed sign in the middle.
(4) The area right before Home with the sandstorm, Cactuar glyph, antlion
pits, and numerous small Al Bhed signs.
To initiate the minigame, go to the fourth area and examine the Cactuar
glyph. You´ll then be asked to find 10 Cactuars in the desert. After finding
each one, you´ll recieve a green sphere - if you managed to catch the Cactuar without it looking at you, the sphere will be named, but if not, it will be called a ´Sphere del Perdedor´. (In other words, ´Loser Sphere´.) The more named spheres that you collect, the better your prize will be. Regardless of which type of sphere you recieved, take each one back to the Cactuar glyph in
the fourth area after collecting them. The order of Cactuars is is:

(1) Tomay - found in the first area, the oasis, to the right of the save
(2) Rovivea - running around in the northwestern alcove of the second area.
(3) Chava - hiding behind the Al Bhed 20% sign in the fourth area; examine it
to find him.
(4) Alek - running back and forth in the ruins in the northwestern part of
the third area.
(5) Aloja - with Alek.
(6) Vachella - hiding behind the save point inside the tent in the second
area; examine it to find him.
(7) Robeya - hiding in a treasure chest in the southwestern corner of the
third area. This chest contains two Mega Potions otherwise.
(8) Isrra - running around inside an antlion pit in the fourth area. **
(9) Elio - at the oasis, then beams up to your airship and can be found on
the roof.
(10) Flaile - ...

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