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Final Fantasy i - iv history

Here is the history on final fantasy 1-4. See the other sections for the history on the other games including the movie.

*>Final fantasy i<*
Britsh release: 1990
Console: NES and Famicom

Final fantasy one appeared way back in 1990. It was a title that was to change role playing games forever. You began your quest by choosing four warriors from a possible six. These included a thief, a fighter, a black belt and a white, black and a red mage. You had to set out and find the four elemental orbs that keept the world in balance by killing a nasty fiend for each one. Althouth the graphics are clearly crap beining that it only Consists of five coulours it still had out standing tunes for its time. Final fantasy was a awesome game for the NES, which ensured that despite its name there would defentaly be a sequel.

*>Final fantasy ii<*
British release: Didnt come out.
Console: Famicom

The japanese version of final fantasy two never even left the far eastern shores. Instead the states waited for final fantasy four (which they called final fantasy two). However, in this game a evil empire has taken over the land and four orphans from Phin are trying to stop them. Final fantasy two has a totally unique level building system, in which the more you fight the more your strength goes up, and the more you get damaged the more hp you lose. This was to become a very common sight in the following final fantasys. Hn many ways this game was better than the first, thanks to a more developed story line, great monster battles and that great character building system.

*>Final fantasy iii<*
British release: Was not released.
Console: Famicom

Final fantasy three was and still is a fantastic game. Okay, it might be for the crumbly old NES, but compared to other titles of its time it does a fine job. The visuals are outstanding and even includes a job system like final fantasy five. You can get different jobs by collecting capacity after each battle you take part in. These jobs range from viking to scholar and require skill levels to improve your battle skills. There is also a good story line in this one too. A priest called Topapa, who lives in the remote village of Ur, has raised four orphans. A crystel has sunk into the earth due to a earth quake and is causeing all kinds of damage. The four boys feel in an adventurous mood and test there corage by attempting to put things right.

*>Final Fantasy iv<*
British release: 1991
Consels: Super Famicom / SNES

Final fantasy four made the leap from the crumbly old NES to the slightly less crumbly (but still quite old these days) SNES. The very strange thing was that this was also called final fantasy two in america and europe because numbers two and three never made it past conversion. The story in final fantasy four sees Cecil, the leader of the red wings. He is have ing doubts about his king, who is asking to preform a number of stramge tasks, including stealing crystels from another king and delivering strange packages to a small town that will later explode. Thats when Ceil decides that it is time to find the king and put a stop to all his evil doings.

Thats the end of this section, read the other parts to find out more about the history of final fantasy.

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