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Final Fantasy v - viii history

Here is the history of final fantasy 5 - 8, for the history on the other bits see the homepage.

*>Final fantasy v<*
British release: 1993
Console: Super Famicom / SNES

In final fantasy five (or final fantasy three as it was known in america and europe) you are given four characters to play with. It goes back to the old job system, with each character learning a new skill such as white mage, knight, monk, etc. The more experence you get, the more ability points you receive, which can be spent learning new skills. Basically, the game gives you opportunity to create thousands of diffrent combinations for your characters. They dont have have to have one job either - you can mix and match characters in any way you want. Story wise things are pretty good. The wind is mysteriously disappearing, so King Tycoon goes in purch for the wind shrine. As this occurs, Butz, a young adventure, spots a meteorite crashing near the kings castle. This then leads you on a quest to save the world.

*>Final Fantasy vi<*
British release: 1994
Console: Super Famicom / SNES

Final fantasy six was certainly an eye popping experence, and in many ways is simular to todays final fantasys. It just so happens that a war breaks out with Espers (beasts of doom), and leaves the world almost completly destroyed. Once the was has ended, the people of earth start to re-build thier lives and magic becomes a familiar right once again. But a new Esper is discovered with a bigger more powerful war breaking out, and unless you and your team do something about it, the world will come to an abrupt and horrifying end.

*>Final Fantasy vii<*
British release: 1997
Console: Playstation

In 1997 Final fantasy made the leap into present day, by switching from the ageing Nintendo SNES console to the sony playstation. In min ways its hard to overestimate how important, and controversial, this hand was. Before final fantasy seven sony had (amazingly enough) objected to RPGs appearing on its beloved playstation. It soon changed its minds when it say how amazing 3D graphics, awe-inspiring video clips and the huge world. All which was overshadowed by even bigger sales figures. Nintendo went crazy when square defected to snow but square simply said that the N64´s cartriges just didnt match up to the playstations massive CD drive (especially when the game came on an unprecedented three CDs) Even to the present day, Nintendo and squaresoft still arnt friends anymore.
The story involves a super company called Shinra, who suck the life energy out of the planet and transform it into dangerous electrical power. You john with a rebellious group called avalanche and try and put a stop to Shinra´s evil doings.

*>Final Fantasy viii<*
British release: 1999
Console: Playstation

Final fantasy eight was the station´s second encounter with the final fantasy series. Its sees Squall Lionhart, a cadet in the Garden Military academy of Balamb, whose aim is to be the best at what he does, which leads him into an elite mercenary unit called seed. As a final test for seed, Squall must settle the growin hostilities between two countries. As time goes on, Squall later finds that a sorceress named Edea is involved and must find out where she fits in. Square took a distinct change in style from earlier final fantasy hands to provide an incredibly realistic look. Unlike the manga inspired style of final fantasy seven or the cartoony look of final fantasy six, this world is designed to look as life like as possible. To a large extent it succeeds, but arguments raged over whether the realistic look was better than
the stylise view of final fantasy seven. Even to this day, most people prefer the look and feel of the fantastical number seven.

See the next section to heft some history and present information for final fantasy 9 - x2.

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