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Final Fantasy ix - x2 history

Here is the last part of the final fantasy history for final fantasy 9 - x2.

*>Final Fantasy ix<*
British release: 2000
Console: Playstation

Some people would argue that this is the greatest final fantasy for the playstation. Leaving behind the realistic look of final fantasy eight, this instalment heads back to number six for inspiration. The world is bright, cartoony and populated with fantasical half human, half animal hybrids. You control a half monkeyboy called Zidane, who arrives at alexandrai with a travelling theatre. His mission is to kidnap the beautiful princess Garnet . And so begins the adventure. Its bigger than the previous final fantasy hands but slightly easyes to complete. The visuals however, never fall below outstanding. Its the last final fantasy to appear on the playstation.. And the series has started to take the next step onto the Ps2.

*>Final Fantasy the movie<*
British release: 2002

The movie came out in 2002 and it was called final fantasy: Spirits within. Unlike other game based movies such as tomb raider this is 100% computer animated but the voices were done by famous people including Donald Sutherland, James Wood, Steve Busemi and Alec Baldwin. The movie takes place in the year 2064. The world is in utter despair and the few remaining humans that are still alive have to a way to survive. Unfortchanly the movie was never a hit so i foot think there will be another movie but you never know.

*>Final Fantasy x<*
British release: 2002
Console: Playstation 2

Final fantasy ten is the first final fantasy to hit the playstation two. The main character is Tidus, seventeen year old male who competes in the popular sport blitz call. He is sent to a unknow time by sin, a mysterious entity who has created havoc by flooding the world with water. Tidus and his friends must find out why sin has done this and put an end to it all. The othe main character is yuna, who is the daughter of Braska, a very powerful summoner in the game. Summoning is a powerful force that protects the earth from all evil as well as Tidus hometown of Ebon. As the game progresses, you are able to utilise this force and find out just how powerful it really is.
Visually, the series has returned to the realistic look of final fantasy eight. But as for the gameplay, the new level system is complicated at first but you soon get the hang of it. One noticeable change is that the backgrounds will be in full 3D so you can look around places properly.

*>Final Fantasy x-2<*
British release: Some time this year.
Console: Playstation 2

I know this isnt history but It will be one day. This is the first proper sequal in the final fantasy serious. This is the same as final fantasy ten, graphics and character wise but you only have control of three pictures and in afraid its not Tidus. After saving the world from sin, the world is still in a mess due to the fall of the main religion. After a sphere of Tidus is found yuna, rikku, and a new character, pain go on a journey to find Tidus. There isnt really much change compared to final fantasy ten except the story line. I cant wait to get this game when it comes out.

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