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FFx Jecht Sphere Location

Follows are the locations of various Jecht spheres. These spheres are only available after you\´ve defeated Spherimorph in Macalania Woods. Auron will learn new Overdrives as you view these spheres, and you\´ll gain a fair amount of insight on Jecht...

Jecht Sphere 1: Obtained automatically after defeating Spherimorph.
Jecht acquires a sphere to record their trip, and leaves a message to Tidus.

Jecht Sphere 2: To the right of the temple on Besaid Island.
Auron promises to bring Yuna to Besaid when it is over.
Jecht Sphere 3: Transport Ship Liki, in the control room (find it docked in Besaid Island).
Jecht went with Braska to try to find a way back to Zanarkand. Braska mentions Yuna\´s mother.

Jecht Sphere 4: Luca Stadium, Basement A.
Auron and Jecht are recording Blitzball games...

Jecht Sphere 5: Mi\´ihen Highroad, Old Road, south end.
Braska refers to the giant fiend that attacks chocobos. Jecht wants to defeat the fiend, as it\´s ``the right thing to do\´\´.

Auron\´s Sphere: Mushroom Rock Road, near the final lift.
Auron thanks Kinoc -- Kinoc\´s job was meant for Auron, apparently. This sphere explains their association...

Jecht Sphere 6: Southern shore of Moonflow, at the riding platform.
We find out that Jecht attacked the Shoopuf. Auron is displeased... Jecht gives up drinking here.

Jecht Sphere 7: South Thunder Plains, at base of the second-most northern tower.
The three at Thunder Plains. Jecht gets hit by lightning; Auron: ``Now there\´s a scene for posterity!\´\´.

Jecht Sphere 8: South Macalania Wood, near the first save sphere after entering from Thunder Plains (or, head west then south after leaving Bevelle to acquire).

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