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FFviii Shumi and Pupu Side quest

Shimu Tribe:

This sidequest is available once you gain control of Mobile Balamb Garden. Go to the northern part of the map. You should see a small dome structure. This is where the Shumi Tribe resides. Once you enter the dome, you may enter the village using the elevator. You may draw Ultima for 5000 Gil. Go to the absolute left and go into the house in front of the pond. Talk to the Shumi dude working on the statue and agree to finish the statue. Try talking to the Tribe cheif if you cannot unlock this sidequest, his house is where the Moomba is. Then talk to the guy working on the statue again. Here is a list of where to get the stones:

Blue stone - Right behind the statue of Laguna
Wind stone - Huge rock beside the hotel.
Life stone - Tree roots above to the right of Elder´s house.
Shadow stone - Take the elevator up and search the area where two shadows are crossing each other.
Water stone - Artisan´s house, in the sink.

After you collect these stones, go talk to the dude working on the statue. Then talk to the Tribe Cheif again to receive a Phoenix Pinion, which will randomly revive your entire party when you all get KO´d. You gotta use the Phoenix Pinion at least once in order for this to work though.

Here´s another sidequest involving the Shumi Tribe. Once you have done the above sidequest, go to FH and talk to the grease monkey. After a long talk he will tell you to bring the Moomba doll to the Artisan back at the Shumi Village. Do so and you will receive the Status Guard, which will give you 4 slots on your status defense menu.

PuPu the Alien:

This is a very very easy sidequest, it´s available once you receive the Ragnarok. Go to the beach southeast of Timber and search until you encounter the alien UFO. Afterwards, search these areas in no particular order, use Enc-none if you´re having trouble:

Area around Winhill
The small island off the Heath Penninsula [ In the north-eastern corner of the map ]
The sandy areas of Kashkabald Desert [ east of the Centra Ruins ]

After all these encounters, go to the cliff above the Chocobo Forest holy ground[ east part of the map ] and search until you fight the UFO itself. Make sure you try and Mug it! After the incredibly easy fight, go to the crater where Balamb Garden used to be and you´ll encounter PuPu the alien. You can either give him 5 elixers and receive the ultra-rare PuPu card, or destroy him and win an Accelerator, which gives you the Auto-Haste ability.

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