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FFx-2 Character Discription

Name: Yuna
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Default Job: Gunner
Weapon: Tiny Double Bee Guns
Group: Kamome Dan/Seagull Band
Descriptions: Yuna is a female character that has the confident to do stuffs. We all know the Yuna in FFX knows how to summon aeons but now. This happened after the defeat of Sin in the original ff10 series. And now, Yuna has a whole new look. Her clothing are chosen by Rikku. Yuna will now be holding a gun and having her skin flashing, doing sphere hunting and much more. As I already mentioned, her look has been changed entirely. She now wears little clothing although more than Rikku. She wears tight shorts, and a shirt that has a white peace of clothing that opens up in the middle. In the middle of her shirt spears Tidus\´s blitzball logo. She also have a light blue clothing that covers her leg and only one leg.

Name: Rikku
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Default Job: Thief
Weapon: Double Dagger
Group: Kamome Dan/Seagull Band
Descriptions: Rikku is just the same character as the one in ff10 except she also have a whole new sweet looking appearance. In this game, Rikku will be one of the main characters that is with Yuna all throughout the adventure. As you already have heard or seen her new look from our galleries, Rikku is revealing more of her look in this game. Not only will she wear a bikini top but she will also be showing off her buddy in a little thong. For those who do not know Rikku yet, learn now or look up the ff10 Rikku first. Anyway, there are more changes to her appearance such as her hair. Now she has spaghetti straps and a blue headband that wraps around her head. In addition too the above facts, she will be wearing an orange scarf and a short mini skirt. Basically, Rikku is still the cheerful one and the best looking one around through out ff10 and ff10-2!

Name: Paine
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Default Job: Warrior
Weapon: Blade
Group: Kamome Dan/Seagull Band
Descriptions: Paine will also be traveling with Rikku and Yuna. She is basically a year younger than Yuna and a year older than Rikku. Paine is an original member of the Kamome Dan and she is very good to be one. Her default job is as an warrior cuz she is mentally strong. In other words, she is the serious one and she is also the one that is the bravest. I don\´t know much about Paine but she is mysterious and good in her own ways and bad in her own ways. Her outfit is black and people say she took a little from lulu\´s outfit. Anyway, the most mysterious thing about her appearance is her sword. It has a dark red handle and a skull embellished. The design of the sword is a little bit from the original gunblade of Squall\´s. In addition to the above, Paine has her attitude and costume alittle alike to Squall\´s from ff8 and she usually talks more seriously than others.

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