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FFx-2 Job Classes

Final Fantasy X-2 has varies abilities by what character you decided to wear. These points that are called Ability Points are earned in each battle. Ability Points helps you to get new jobs and individual dresses. You can check your stats by going to the game menu and it will show you the completion percentage of how you\´re doing. As I mentioned before, Ability points are earned in battle and characters will change their appearance based on the jobs they have. These jobs are depended on how many points you get. Below are some classes that you start off with and what each classes learn.

Job: Gunner:
- Fight: Starting Ability
- Shots: Power Shot, Magic Shot, Hard Shot, Burst Shot, Reverse Shot
- Blind Guard: Guards that against the Blind Ailment
- Gun Play
- Quick Trigger: Master in Advance.
- Quick Trigger attacks the # of times you pressed R1 Button within limited time.
- Quick Trigger can be raised to Level 2.

Job: White Mage:
- Cure Ability (Casted to entire party or a single member)
- Pray Ability

Job: Thief:
- Steal Ability
- Steals Will Power from the enemy.

Job: Gambler:
- Double Dice Ability
- Player rolls 2 dice and delas the sum in damage.
- If the 2 numbers are rolled again, the player deals double damage.

Job: Warrior:
- Gravity Sword: A sword that strikes bound with element and Gravity.
- Armor Break: This lower the opponent\´s defense.
- Flame Tan: Same as Gravity sword just that Flame Tan uses the power of fire.

Job: Dark Knight:
- Darkness Ability: Leeches HP from a selected target but deals it in damage to target.
- Demonic Craft
- Take Down

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