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FFv Tips and Cheats

Black Chocobo in World 3
Fly to Mirage Town and stand near the pub. If you go around through a back door, you will appear behind the counter of the pub. Check the barrels below you to get a useful weapon, the Thief\´s Knife. Head left to find some stairs, and continue through the area. Put on the \´Secret\´ ability or make one of your characters a thief. Head through a secret passage to find a door, and past that, a piano. Play the Piano and head through the door to find the Black Chocobo.

Bone Mail
The Bone Mail is in the Dragon Valley in Galuf\´s world. In the first area where you start to see bones, you will pass the ribs. The Bone Mail is in a small pile of bones just before you turn the corner on the cliff\´s edge. This armor is for Knights, Samurais, Sorcerers, etc. This armor will serve well until the end of the game.

Chicken Knife or Brave Sword
Go to the town of Moore in World 3. Head southwest to find a barn-like location. Enter it to find yourself in the forest below. Wander around until you find a wizard who will tell to pick from two crates. Pick the right one for the Chicken Knife, or the left one for the Brave Sword. The Chicken Knife can be easily powered-up, up so it is even more powerful than the Excalibur. The Brave Sword powers up when you win battles, the Chicken Knife powers up when you run.

Easy ABP
In Phoenix Tower, after every few stairs you will reach a room with two pots, one on each side of the room. One of the pots contain money, but the other contains a monster. The enemy is called \´Magic Pot\´ and will not attack you. He will say \´Gimme Elixer\´. Use an Elixer on him and he will reward with 100 ABP and an item. This is possibly the easiest way to master items like Mimes, Samurais, Chemists, and Ninjas.

Easy experience
In the first world, once you get the airship go to the chain of islands at the bottom of the map. The ones above crescent island have an enemy called Black Flame which has the Blue spell Black Shock, and gives high experience, gold and ABP when defeated. Also, some of the islands have a monster called Prototype which you cannot hurt to defeat. Use the Control command and have it cast Exploder on itself You can also learn the Blue spells Missile and Burn Ray from it. It also gives 500 experience and 4 ABP when defeated.

The Quar Harpy gives 250 experience to everyone if four are alive, 333 experience if three are alive, 500 experience to two or 1000 experience to one person. This can help early on in the game, if you are strong enough.

You can steal an Elixir from the Zuu outside the castle with the Fire Crystal. This can give you an early advantage in the game.

Get Cain/Kain
At the beginning of the game give the name -Cain- or -Kain- to the main character. Then, as soon as possible, turn him into a Dragon Knight and master him. You can also teach him the Summon command.

Healing Staff
Once you have the dragon, fly to Tycoon Castle and talk to the Chancellor. Then, go to the treasure room on the east side of the castle and talk to the Chancellor again to enter. Once there, you can find the very useful Healing Staff, which restores HP rather than taking it away. It is magic though -- do not use it on someone with Reflect.

Mime crystal shard
Go into the water in the third world, below the Phoenix Tower. Transform the boat into the submarine and go into the tower. Since it is under water, you will only have seven minutes to get to the bottom and return. Equip Dash and run to the bottom. Once there, you will see the crystal shard. A monster will warn you, but answer \´No\´. He will mimic you. To win, do nothing as he says.

Mirage Town
Get the airship and fly to Cresent Island. Head to the middle of the joined continent, and land next to a forest there. Walk around in the forest until it seems you have gotten into a battle. The screen will be fuzzy instead of the normal swirl for starting a battle. This town has extremely good weapons, 6 level six magic spells, and great armor. There are two shops in every store, so search around the town.

No battles in Phoenix Tower
Use the following door order: left, left, right, left, left, right, left, left, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, and up.

Sealed Weapons
To get all of the weapons, place the Lithograph on the sparkling platform. You will now be able to break the seal on three of the weapons. Pick up the Lithograph, put it down again, and break three more seals. Repeat this until all the weapons are collected.

Skip Gilgamesh battle
At the end of World 2 when you are infiltrating X-Death\´s castle, immediately before you reach X-Death\´s room you will encounter a chest with nothing in it. When you leave this room, Gilgamesh will attack you. However, if you do not open the chest in this room, you will not have to fight Gilgamesh.

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