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FFv Info

Final Fantasy 5 is divided up into 3 worlds. In the first world you learn that Exodeath (the main boss) is trying to escape. He\´s doing this by shattering the world\´s 4 crystals which have been used to seal him in. Your party has been chosen by the crystals to fight Exodeath and save everyone. So in this world you go about trying to stop the crystals from breaking. Alas, the attempt is unsuccessful and Exodeath returns to his home world (world 2). Then, after you beat some bosses, your party bravely decides to follow him even though they will never be able to come back to their own world.

When you enter world two, an army is trying to take over Exodeath\´s castle. When they find out you\´ve been taken prisoner they have to retreat (which you\´ll learn is a good thing). After you\´ve been rescued a magic barrier is put up and your flung to some far out place. You\´ll eventually get back with the help of some Moogles and after saving the hiryuu you\´re off to try and bring down the barrier. After you do that the party will go talk to a turtle. He tells you that Exodeath is really a tree brought to life and is going to burn down his home forest. You try to stop it but fail. It turns out this world\´s crystals are hidden in the ancient tree (the oldest tree in the forest) and that\´s what Exodeath\´s after. One of your character dies saving the others but of course all his strength, abilities, and level will be passed on to his granddaughter. So after a sad event which makes no difference to your party you go and defeat Exodeath (sorta). After you defeat him the crystals shatter combining the two different worlds into 1. So now your thrown back to the beginning of world one wondering what happened.

In world three you learn that the two worlds were originally one 1000 years ago. The people who lived there split the world because there was this bad guy who controlled the void (the void can suck up an entire town). The only place they could seal the void was in-between the two worlds. So now that the world is whole again, Exodeath has taken control of the void. Your party wants to go and stop him but a turtle tells you that your not strong enough. To become stronger you quest for the 12 legendary weapons that killed the guy who controlled the void 1000 years ago. While your getting these weapons you also get magic\´s most powerful spells. So when your finally ready to go kill Exodeath you jump into a hole made by the void, go through a very long dungeon, and kill NeoExodeath. Depending on how many of you are alive when you kill Exodeath, will determine what ending you get.

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