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Fiv Side Quests

Fryin Pan Sidequest
In the underground, there is a cave in the upper left corner. Once you can get to this cave by using an airship, you may enter the cave (slyph cave) and work your way through it. (don\´t forget to cast float on each floor or else the lava will burn you).

Once you have worked your way through the cave, a screen with a large house will be on the final screen of the cave. If you go into it you\´ll find a bunch of faries (slyphs) and Yang knocked out, resting in a bed to the left. You won\´t be able to do anything yet, but when you can leave the underground, go see Yang\´s wife in Fabul. She will give you a frying pan.

Once you have the frying pan, head back to the underground to see Yang. Once you reach him again, give him a good wack over the head with the pan. He will wake up and try to join you...however, he\´s too weak so to compensate, the Slyphs will give Rydia their call. Once you have gotten the call, go back to Fabul and talk to Yang\´s wife again. She will take back the now useless pan, and give you a spoon...great you may think, but this spoon is one of the best darts in the game!

Odin Summon Sidequest
After you escape from the Underground and have visited the Land of the Summoned Monsters, you can go to the basement of Baron castle and see the old King. If you have talked to and defeated Asura and Levia, then you can fight the King/Odin. Odin really isn\´t that tough. The spoon works well against him along with thunder magic and the bomb call, if you have it. However, if you don\´t beat him quickly, he will use his instant death cut and kill pretty much everyone in your party...making it very annoying to start over again.

Bahamut Summon Sidequest
Bahamut, the most powerful call spell in the game, can be located on the moon. Located to the east of the Central Palace on the moon, Bahamut\´s cave is in the center of a valley that you must use the Whale Airship to land near.

Upon entering the cave, search around for Samuri armor and be aware that you will *have* to fight Behemoths atleast once on almost every screen.

I found that it is best to fight Bahamut while you still have FuSoYa in your party, and here\´s why: Bahamut casts his Mega Flare attack on all party members, doing a lot of damage to each person once his countdown reaches zero. To counter this, you must cast Wall on as many members as you can (starting around when Bahamut counts down to 3-otherwise the wall will wear off by the time he reaches zero)

By having FuSoYa in your party, you\´ll be able to use his powerful black magic against Bahamut, and you\´ll also be able to use him to cast wall on your party members as well. Finally, you must have beaten Leviathan before you can challange Bahamut.

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